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  • Tuesday - 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 19:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S - <script> conference room
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x91 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #shiretoko for backchannel

Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.1 Update

  • Places: performance work landing soon, with tests, and ability to report performance with every test run
  • Private Browsing Mode: Ehsan went and implemented Connor's functional spec bug 248970 - way to go! - now back on track for beta date
  • Tag Autocomplete: Dietrich hoping to get it nailed down this week
  • Awesomebar Improvements: need input from UX
  • Ctrl-Tab: thread in dev-apps-firefox about what's going on here, taking feedback in time for beta, adding "all tabs" preview mode
  • SSL UI: johnath is back on these bugs, and will be revising the UI based on feedback from Firefox 3.1
  • Theme: new icon work for Windows is underway, if you need icon work, talk to faaborg
  • Polish: if you have polish bugs that, uh, bug you, send 'em to faaborg
  • better notes next week, beltzner promises!

GFX 1.9.1 Update

  • GFX blocking 1.9.1+
  • GFX wanted 1.9.1+
  • Performance:
    • Need to fix rounding/quantization issues before turning on pixman SSE2
  • CMS:
    • Will be flipping CMS pref on this week
    • Some handwaving on current testing (many tests have a dependency that when colors A and B are combined, the result is a predetermined C; this is not the case with arbitrary profiles -- we're forcing sRGB for input and output for the tests, thus exercising CMS while still getting consistent output)
  • Downloadable fonts:
    • Back to on-track, given new schedule
    • John making good progress, working through a pile of 'finish' issues now

Layout 1.9.1 Update

  • 1.9.1 Layout Bugs
  • Video (roc/cdouble):
  • Acid3:
    • numeric tests
    • layout tests
      • roc fixed stuff related to positioning and the root element
      • only remaining layout failure is downloadable TTF fonts
  • SMIL (dholbert):
    • Got an about:config switch working, to bypass all SMIL code when disabled
    • Had security review last week
    • Almost ready for review
  • SVG CSS, roc:
  • CSS transforms - keith:
    • patch just about ready to land

Content 1.9.1 Update

  • Content 1.9.1 Bugs
  • Worker Threads:
    • script loading in workers done and landed
    • XHR basics up and running, patch going up today.
  • Cross-site XHR:
    • Code's almost done, close to review.
  • Acid3: Ben Newman's fix for bug 446584 should get us one more point once it's ready (real soon now).

JS 1.9.1

  • JS 1.9.1 Bugs
  • working on recursion in JS tracer
  • nanojit ARM working, still more perf to be had
  • landed first bits of autoconf build
  • adding more cases for tracing
  • working on reduction of overall bug list (down 3% in the past few days)

Mobile 1.9.1 Update

  • bug 432792 Lots of Windows mobile pieces are landing
  • bug 364315 Speculative parsing
  • bug 447866 Pipelining performance improvements.
  • bug 450930 roc looking at adding paint notifications from content fennec can use to redraw with
  • Lots of patches to better handle low memory are landing
  • Working with smaug on some event handling issues in fennec

Mac OS X 1.9.1 Update

  • general fixes in the pipeline
    • 428096 for better HTML support on Mac OS X clipboard
    • 444864 major crash fix in theme drawing
  • npapi fixes and SDK cleanup happening, working towards testing and more robust developer resources, part of working towards adding NPAPI Cocoa event model

General 1.9.1 Updates

  • offline cache, dcamp:
  • localStorage, honzab:
  • HTML5 drag-drop:


Security Reviews