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Notices / Schedule

Beta 3

  • due to the large number of outstanding P1 blockers we are declaring a code slip
  • during this slip time, the tree rules will not change, though sheriff priority should be given to P1 blockers
  • we will go over the list of P1 blockers outstanding in this meeting and ensure they are being tracked
  • new proposed dates:
    • Code freeze on January 25th, 11:59pm PDT
    • QA Start on January 27th, 9:00am PDT
    • Release on Feb 2nd, noon PDT

Blocker Report 2009-01-13-blocker-report.png

[ Platform Blocker Queries | Front End Blocker Queries ]

Firefox 3.1 Update


GFX 1.9.1 Update

Layout 1.9.1 Update

Content 1.9.1 Update

JS 1.9.1

Mobile 1.9.1 Update

General 1.9.1 Updates


Security Reviews

Still outstanding / to be scheduled

  • DNS prefetching
  • Windows TSF integration
  • elliptical border-radius

Booked but not yet completed

  • native JSON (tentatively Friday Jan 16)
  • Javascript Tracing (tentatively Tuesday Jan 13 after platform meeting)