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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.11

  • Code frozen! (Almost. A couple more bugs, maybe.)
  • On schedule

Firefox 3.0.12

  • Schedule coming this week
  • Will send emails to current blocker owners this week

Firefox 3.5 RC1

  • goal is to code freeze late in the week of the 18th
  • build can produce RC builds in 24-36 hours thanks to timezone fun
  • QA would like 5-7 full business days for RC tests

Blocker Report

Since 1.9.1 branch ... 2009-05-12-blocker-report.png

Past 2 weeks ... 2009-05-12-blocker-report-detail.png

[ Platform Blocker Queries | Front End Blocker Queries ]


  • pace picked up, some blockers taken off lists, others fixed, way to go
  • first time that both blocker nominations and number of blockers remaining have gone down
  • 100 fixes on trunk that we need to port to branch ASAP

The Breakdown

Browser / Front End

  • Polish update: Firefox is 55% shiny (no change from last week)


GFX Update

  • 4 open blocking bugs, 4 need to be ported to 1.9.1
    • 1 crasher (nsWindow destroy bug) that might not have a non-intrusive fix, and so we should consider unblocking on it.
    • 4 image rendering related (2 owned by roc), all of which we have a handle on or will be WONTFIXed.
  • Lots of other work going on, some aimed at 1.9.2:
    • Windows 7 fixes and enhancements
    • Canvas enhancements for mobile
    • Imagelib changes required for decode-on-draw
    • Bugfixes in code and specs related to fonts.

Layout Update

  • Layout
    • 5 blockers on trunk (4 with patches)
    • 3 untriaged noms (all with patches)
  • SVG
    • 0 blockers
  • Video/Audio

Content Update

Mac OS X Update

JS 1.9.1

  • JS Blockers: 11
  • bug 463262 about unittesting on VMs needs to be resolved
    • could just do one-off testing for now instead of full automation
    • damons, sayrer to follow-up

General 1.9.1

These are bugs that fall outside of components covered by the Gfx, Content, Layout and JS groups:

Mobile 1.9.1 Update



  • bent working up initial linkage/hookup of Chromium IPC code
    • Windows at first, with lots of hacks, e.g.
      • enabling C++ exceptions in order to make the STL happy;
      • disabling accessibility to work around structured exception handling difficulties when C++ exceptions are enabled;
      • Always enabling libxul so that the static IPC library from chromium is available to all the right places
  • cjones will be starting on a protocol layer to make IPC channels "safe" through static and dynamic type and call-safety guarantees
  • We are not planning on taking the Chromium networking stack in the near future, due to concerns about compatibility (pipelining, etc)

Tree Management

  • "Caution Flag". Found way to do firmware update on equallogic without closing tree.
    • full functionality, but 76 VMs will be down, so expect wait times between 7pm PST tonight until 7am PST tomorrow
    • defer risky/non-essential until tomorrow.
    • careful sheriffing today and tomorrow.