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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.11

  • respin due to bug 495648
  • no new schedule yet; will know more after QA starts

Firefox 3.0.12

  • Schedule on the wiki
  • If your name is on this list, you own a blocker
  • Code freeze is June 16 at 11:59pm (but don't perendinate too long!)

Firefox 3.5 RC1

  • closed mozilla-central to all but approved patches and blockers on May 21
  • build and QA are waiting on cutoff, ready-to-roll
  • looks like we will close up on Wednesday, June 3

Blocker Report

Since 1.9.1 branch ... 2009-06-02-blocker-report.png

Past 2 weeks ... 2009-06-02-blocker-report-detail.png

[ Platform Blocker Queries | Front End Blocker Queries ]


  • our ability to move fixes from mozilla-central to mozilla-1.9.1 is impressive, due largely to better sheriffing practises and attention to [oranges]
  • need to keep an eye on small performance regressions
  • need to ask ourselves: fix regression or backout original fix?

The Breakdown

Browser / Front End

  • Polish update: Firefox is 56% shiny (0% change)
    • Thanks go to: Ehsan
    • Also Dao and Ehsan have been landing lots of icon
    • 46 remaining easy polish bugs (whiteboard [polish-easy])
    • 42 remaining hard polish bugs(whiteboard [polish-hard])


GFX 1.9.1 Update

Layout Update

  • No blockers, no noms, no worries

Content Update

Mac OS X Update

  • No 1.9.1 blockers.
  • Steven working on a new JEP to fix regression, bug 495278.
  • Most major work (filesystem, plugin, and 64-bit) waiting for trunk to open and Neil's focus patch to land.

JS 1.9.1

General 1.9.1

These are bugs that fall outside of components covered by the Gfx, Content, Layout and JS groups:

Mobile 1.9.1 Update

  • blocking-fennec (1.0b2+, 1.0b3+ & 1.0+) [bugs]



  • Chromium IPC library building on Linux and Mac
    • Hilariously hacky fixes for building without -fshort-wchar landed
  • Test app building/working
    • Linux crash figured out
    • Multiple event loops on mac == multiple dock icons, input event issues?
  • cjones updating bent's out-of-process plugin prototype for new IPC glue
  • bent beginning to look at launching windows and communicating with them in test app

Tree Management

  • mobile builds now on try server (linux-arm, WinCE).
    • let us know if problems
    • watching try server for load
  • added 10 win32 slaves to try server yesterday; more linux try slaves coming
  • two win32 try server talos slaves offline for graydon testing
  • mobile tree closed fri (and mon?) for office move
  • sequence of downtimes immediately after FF3.5rc1 builds and updates are handed to QA
    • keeping tree closed, will do in stable blocks and then watch, rinse, repeat.
    • unittest-separate-from-build, pooled-talos-machines, new ref platforms, central config management, mobile talos changes, new graph server changes, netapp disk upgrades full list here
    • can stop and do respin if needed