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Notices / Schedule

  • alpha2 builds done, QA passed, being staged for release tonight or tomorrow
  • please check the webpages: firstrun release notes

Blocker Report

Browser / Front End


  • Most of the team is in MV for a work-week, come find us on the 2nd floor in the large conference area.
  • Tab Matches in Awesomebar now only awaiting super-review bug 480350
  • New theme implementation has begun, see Stephen Horlander's note to DAF.
  • See the active projects page for the complete list of active work by the Firefox team, or subscribe to planet firefox to watch the blogs roll by.

GFX Update

  • Cairo merge is getting close but it's hard to know how close because Try server hasn't been able to run linux talos runs for the last couple of days.

Hardware Acceleration Update

  • Direct2D landed on trunk! Preffed off by default, and there are a lot of bugs being discovered. See more information on how to test in the Direct2D demo wiki page.
  • Landed first round of layer patches on trunk. One or two minor visual-glitch regressions, no observed performance regressions.
  • Need to get an OpenGL layers backend up this month for Fennec to experiment with, but spending the next couple of weeks polishing D2D is probably a slightly higher priority for tactical reasons

Layout Update

  • Robert Longson has been fixing lots of SVG bugs, currently bugs related to clipPath
  • "transparent" attribute on IFRAMEs is working pretty well for Jetpack; should land on 1.9.2
  • Down to just one mochitest failure with bug 130078 patches applied (in test_hover); still major problems with zoomed documents and print preview
    • Removing child widgets will interact with Electrolysis content-window processes; see post to dev.platform
  • Working on having layout retain layer trees between paints; this will also rework scrolling to not blit pixels on the screen. Instead for speed we'll be relying on copies from retained layer buffers. See post to dev.platform. Should speed up scrolling in many situations.

Content Update

  • Held a team planning session at the platform group work week
  • Landed FormData implementation (sicking)
  • Made good progress on HTML5 parser test failures and the tp4 regression (hsivonen)
  • Fixed post body preservation bug with 307 redirects (bz)

Platform-specific Support Update



alpha2 going out soon. Plugin team in reactive mode, responding to alpha2 feedback and crash data. Porting to 1.9.2 branch to begin later this week

Fennec: message manager used to produce a demo last week: good responsiveness, excellent progress.

  • Progress continues
    • Qt graphics done
    • cookie remoting: patch posted, tests in progress. Currently no consistency/locking planned or implemented.
  • CPOW in review: bent/mrbkap/jst
  • Other networking continuing

Startup Performance

Estimated win Bug # Summary Owner Status Notes
~10% "Dirty Profile" Startup Reduction Constant startup relative to profile size Shawn Wilsher
significant bug 558200 Extension profiler platform api Steve Fink There is an easy way to provide feedback to extension developers to help them figure out why their extension is misbehaving. We need to implement that ASAP, so typical firefox installs(with lots of extensions) can be fast



During the work week, we gathered together all the various threads of development; they're documented here:

Tree Management

  • bug 537065 Fully switched over to rev3 machines for Talos
    • powering off and recycling rev2 minis today.
  • Linux64 debug builds now available for all branches except Lorentz
  • bug 549406 possible network problem with try linux? No known changes to slaves, so investigating with IT.
  • New win32, linux builders in production on all branches.
    • Keep an eye out for oranges! Currently looking at linux mochitest-other orange
    • faster end-to-end cycle times