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Notices / Schedule

  • Firefox 3.6.4
    • 493,714 build #6 users on Windows, still climbing. This is very good.
    • Unable to set a schedule in stone due to lack of information (see blocker section)
    • Will turn off OOPP and ship if there is an active exploit for a security bug that is fixed in the update
    • QA is working through this list of video and game sites to make sure we have testing coverage on popular sites that use plugins. The list was crowdsourced after all call to create it on Twitter by beltzner
  • Firefox 3.5.10
    • Decided to keep tied to 3.6.4 to make Linux vendor's lives easier
      • Argument for decoupling decision was made based on potential issues, whereas the negative effects on Linux vendors are known and quantifiable
  • Firefox 3.6.6
    • was used by Fennec, so next platform version is We will keep the version #'s coherent by naming it Firefox 3.6.6
    • I will be moving the blocking flags and status flags as appropriate
    • If you have approvals for they are now for
    • If we need a chemspill for 3.6.4, this will be off the 3.6.4 relbranch
    • If no chemspill, planning early-to mid July, making sure to have this out before BlackHat in late July
    • WebM discussion will likely happen shortly
  • Mozilla 1.9.3 Developer Preview 5
    • planning on doing one based on tomorrow's nightly
    • be nice to the recently opened tree!
    • will include WebM
    • see the list of blockers
    • email jst or if you think something should block that isn't currently, or have any problems with this plan!
    • we'll be producing 64-bit OSX and Linux builds for this

Blocker Report

  • Firefox 3.6.4
    • Still trying to get more information about bug 569104, which is the last blocker
      • Have gone through about 6 people at CNet and 5 or so groups, escalating!
    • Watching bug 563361. Not sure of scope of problem but can't block with current information
    • If you know of any bugs that should be a blocker, please email and/or
  • Firefox 3.5.10
    • No known blockers

Browser / Front End

Planet Firefox to track all the developments.

GFX Update

  • Harfbuzz opentype font shaping work continues apace in bug 449292.
    • A shaper that we will use across all platforms; better (ensured) quality, more control, more web features.
    • Being written mainly by Behdad Esfahbod, with contributions, input & integration work from Jonathan Kew.
  • We did not hear anything regarding Cleartype forced on for content on Windows XP, so that's what we're going to do! bug 504698

Hardware Acceleration Update

Layout Update

  • planning to drop -moz- prefix from background-size, background-origin, and background-clip, maybe today (dbaron)

Content Update

Platform-specific Support Update


  • landed further sunspider wins
  • fatvals now building shell fine, working on browser startup
  • regex overhaul near complete
  • in-browser perf wins coming in


  • XPCOM registration is changing significantly and in a breaking way, bug 568691. This may mean that we are going to bump the gecko version to 2 for this release. bsmedberg will post more details to md.planning today.
  • jduell is preparing e10s for final merge to mozilla-central, filing bugs on TODO comments.
  • the only other blocker is getting mochitest able to work with e10s so that we can test the code we're landing, bug 567417. Some issues still to work out about focus handling, but it looks really close (patch will land in mozilla-central)
  • fennec trunk now runs using mozilla-central message manager, so mobile-e10s is mostly/completely unnecessary
  • cross-process layers implementation meetings happening Wednesday and Thursday to schedule/coordinate the remaining work for beta
  • NS_InitEmbedding has been removed (the replacement, since mozilla 1.8, is XRE_InitEmbedding). The ActiveX control has also been disabled in all configurations and bsmedberg intends to remove the code unless a maintainer appears (will post to md.embedding)

Startup Performance



Tree Management

  • gcc 4.5.0 switch-over on mozilla-central after 3.7a5. See dev.planning thread and bug 559964
  • FF3.7a5 will have linux64 and OSX10.6 64bit builds
  • TryServer now has linux64 and OSX10.6 64bit builds MozillaTry waterfall


  • Update for prerelease 3.6.4 people on the release channel to move them to beta?
    • They will blend back in with the release crowd once we release 3.6.4
    • Currently 307,936 of them, that's a big chunk of testers who manually downloaded a beta build
    • I'd hate to lose them, though many may try the Firefox 4 or WebM betas and end up on the beta channel anyway
  • Firefox 4 Beta Project Update Yes/No (beltzner)
  • Tree closure recap (johnath)
    • Tree is open again.
    • Blame is currently busted for files renamed by The Poison Patch
    • Mercurial based fix is coming, shaver's on it
    • Bugs filed for a mercurial hook to prevent history-killing renames
    • We're updating MozBuild to never use Mercurial v1.Poison again