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Notices / Schedule

  • Firefox 3.6.4
    • The release -> beta channel update was successful
      • Release channel went from 325k -> 124k in 3 days, build #6 users specifically 211k -> 30k
    • Built build #7 for bug 562198 on Friday
    • Released build #7 to beta users yesterday afternoon
    • Plan is to release build #7 as Firefox 3.6.4 final on Thursday, 2010-06-17
      • Will have small uptake, but build #6 baked for a long time and the changes on top are fairly small
      • this date may change again pending the feedback from Socorro team on recent crash stat confusion
      • laura to report to the Product Planning team at tomorrow's meeting
  • Firefox 3.5.10
    • Tied to 3.6.4
  • Firefox 3.6.6
    • Announced the -> change on planet and planning
    • Will be coming up with some scenarios and schedules this week for review
  • Mozilla Developer Preview 5 (aka 1.9.3a5)

Blocker Report

  • Firefox 3.6.4
    • Nothing blocking, but watching this query to make sure nothing is missed

Browser / Front End

Working towards code freeze this week, lots of theme change, run those nightlies!

  • Do we know status on Retained Layers, when we think it'll be available? We need it for the extension bar + app tabs UI. The UI team would like to do something like this
    • jdrew thinks this is bug 130078 which is a b1 blocker
    • roc says that he thinks that will work, but not sure if requirements have changed
    • limi and faaborg to get in touch with roc and jdrew and follow up offline and work through requirements

GFX Update

  • Harfbuzz landed! bug 449292
    • What's Harfbuzz? I'm glad you asked! I talked about it last week!
    • It's turned off by default. To turn it on:
      • Set gfx.font_rendering.harfbuzz.level to 1; harfbuzz will be used for "simple" scripts (Latin, Cyrillic, CJK) that do not require specific complex shaping.
      • You can set it to 2; Harfbuzz will then be used for all scripts (even though the results will currently be broken).

Hardware Acceleration Update

  • OpenGL and OpenGL ES acceleration won't make it for Q2.
    • To talk more about this, please participate in the dev.planning thread.
    • To help out - and we would LIKE YOU TO HELP - please look at bug 565833.

Layout Update

  • WebM landed and shipped in 1.9.3 alpha.
    • Need to work on performance, especially non-accelerated scaling; will probably use more of the Chrome code [doublec]
    • Working on 'buffered' TimeRanges; implemented for Ogg and Wave, working on WebM [cpearce, kinetik]
  • Harfbuzz landed, currently off by default [jkew, jdaggett]
  • Retained layers basically ready for review, just wrangling a few test failures [roc]
    • Optimized scrolling of background-attachment:fixed in hard cases (faster than Safari)
    • will be put up for review today, no need to delay!
  • Reorganization of frame coordinate systems for zooming just about ready for review [tnikkel]

Content Update

  • Necko e10s changes getting close to landing in mozilla-central (jduell)
  • Remote XUL and XBL is being disabled for beta1, more communication about this around the corner.
  • Websockets test infrastructure for non SSL websockets (ws://) is close - tracking down two failures, one on debug linux and one on opt mac, might need a content expert on hand to help with debugging but for now, it's in hand (see jgriffin for details). Still planning to land early next week.
    • beltzner: do we want to hold off landing before the test infrastructure is working?
    • jst wants to think about it
    • jonas points out that manual tests can be run, clint pointed out that test runs are passing, just got some infra issues on getting them on all systems

Platform-specific Support Update


  • About to turn on conservative stack scanner.
    • No longer necessary to explicitly root stack values.
  • JM compiler with fat values has caught the speed of the old one, without as many optimizations applied.
  • Compartmentalized heaps coming. Should make "GC pauses" much shorter.


  • Two issues getting F10S running on mochitest - bug 572149 and bug 572152.
    • bug 572149 - JS crash in MessageManager.loadFrameScript() we need a hand debugging and fixing this. See jmaher for details.
    • bug 572152 - Starting last weekend, we could suddenly write to an nsIFile object from content in E10S mochitest builds. This seems wrong. Is this expected behavior?
  • Fennec trunk (mobile-browser) is currently being ported to use message manager and run on either mozilla-central and electrolysis branches. Work list

Startup Performance



Tree Management

  • New mozilla-1.9.3 / mozilla-2.0.0 branch work blocked on figuring out which version # to use
    • beltzner: use mozilla-1.9.3 for now, please!
  • Please use TryServer wisely
    • LOTS of people using bigger, shinier, TryServer (normal "15-35 per day"; 91 on thursday, 137 on friday)
    • Please do NOT just repush to TryServer if you need to re-try one test suite. File a bug! Details here


  • Beta 1 progress (beltzner)
  • Are we happy not including the XPCOM changes (and any related Gecko version bump) in beta 1? (Mossop)
  • Some feedback from Linuxtag (Pike):
    • Getting rid of restarts, updates not in startup is a perfect match with people
    • Hard to tell how much of perf comparison with chrome is apples-to-apples, both in platform integration and extension ecosystem/capabilities. Recent blog and forum posts helped.
    • Having plans for shoveling tasks to other processes and GPU is good, should deliver something noticeable in Fx4
    • Adblock+ is something like a Firebug, in that people evaluate "the browser that run adblock+". Recent perf blog by Wladimir helped a bunch, but people don't mind that much who's at fault. Can we expose better APIs for him?