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Q3 Goals

  • Realize Android as a top-tier supported platform alongside Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Implement priortized list of features required to support Web Apps (Joint with Product and Apps teams).
  • Ship a new developer tool prototype in a release.

Notices / Schedule

  • Firefox 5 looks great, thanks everyone for your hard work!
  • Next mozilla-central → mozilla-aurora source migration is on 2011-07-05 (1 week!)
  • We'll have a rapid-release process postmortem this Thursday, 2011-06-30 from 10:00 am PDT - 12:00 noon PDT. Details will be sent to dev-planning today

Firefox Development



  • We got a break on an EnterMethodJIT crash!
    • Users had been reporting crashes on Yahoo Mail Beta (bug 655660) and others.
    • David Anderson was able to reproduce the crash and fix it.
    • The bug was a too-small bitfield holding patch locations for ICs that could grow very large.
    • This bug might be a good fraction of the EnterMethodJIT crashes we get.
  • We're starting work on GC topcrashes
    • Bill McCloskey is finishing a new Breakpad feature to snapshot stack traces at desired points (e.g., when GC runs) and put them in minidumps: bug 662646.
    • Figuring out these crashes will take a while--we'll need to experiment with different measurements and analyze data over time.


  • text-overflow landed! Includes text-overflow:ellipsis and text-overflow:<string> and text-overflow:<left> <right>! Handles all sorts of edge cases other browsers don't reach! (bug 312156)
  • Looks like Jonathan Kew got a 6% Tp win on MacOS 10.6 using some new font APIs
  • Zzzzz



  • DOM memory reporting starting to shape up, bug 663271 (Mounir)




  • Initial landing of ifdefs almost complete.
  • Initial dynamic analysis of chrome-content interactions up for review.
  • Bugs for multiple content processes posted, see bug 641683 for details.

Tree Management

  • disable tp4 (except for older release branches)
    • tp5 catches the same regressions and has been running side-by-side it for almost two weeks on all branches
    • this was announced last week on this meeting and through mailing lists
    • everything is ready to disable it on this Thursday
    • please read more about it on this blog post

Stability Report


  • Telemetry is on, start adding probes:
    • It's easy! It can take as little as 10 minutes!
    • If you're not sure whether a new probe would introduce privacy problems, ask Asa (who will check with legal & privacy teams).
  • MSVC 2010 Migration: - followup to .platform
    • Means dropping support for Win2000 and WinXP-before-SP2
  • Aurora is next week, time for features-of-note! Please mail if you have new developer or platform features, new developer tools or performance improvements of platform changes worth noting in our public communications or records.
  • WebGL Security Discussion