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Notices / Schedule

  • mozilla-central → mozilla-aurora source migration is on 2011-08-16...exactly 1 week away
  • We're in the endgame for this development cycle, if you find any issues/regressions that need to be fixed on mozilla-beta please email release-drivers
  • Firefox 3.6.20 went to beta today, if regressions are found we will need quick turnaround from branch patch developers

Firefox Development

  • Intern Jez Ng is working on adding e10s support to sessionstore in bug 516755. See his post to dev.apps.firefox for more info (seems to be missing on Google Groups for some reason :( ).
  • Dave Townsend, Blair McBride and Boriss/faaborg have been working on UI that will prompt users to deal with addons that were "dropped-in" by other installers or programs, that should be landing on central soon, hopefully in time for Firefox 8 (bug 596343)
  • dao and mstange have been doing theme work to improve Firefox's appearance on OS X 10.7, landed on trunk this morning (bug 667456)
  • Jared Wein and dao are working on making the forward button appear conditionally, to match recent UX mockups, in bug 674744 and bug 677027.

Firefox Developer Tools




bhackett's Type Inference project (aka TI, JM+TI) is getting close to landing. It's a complex change that is not easily reversible, so it's hard in the standard train model. dmandelin will be sending out a proposal for getting this out to users via a parallel set of repos, so that we point users at different builds instead of landing or backing out changes.


  • Full-screen API is moving along; if you're interested in the API or the UI issues, check bug 545812
  • CSS 3D transforms partially landed, currently disabled by pref
  • Hyphenation dictionaries for many languages have been landed, packaged for desktop only for now
  • unification of standards mode and quirks mode text-decoration (underline, overline, line-through) landed. One codepath instead of two. bug 403524
  • CSS background-size algorithm for vector images has now been fully implemented, as of about 9am this morning, in m-c bug 609714
  • Zzzzzz


  • Strong parent pointer changes landed bug 335998 (smaug)
  • New DOM bindings for NodeList and friends close to landing (peterv etc)




Improved build, debug and testing docs: Mobile/Fennec/Android



  • jez has posted a plan/schedule for session-restore with content processes
  • meeting later today to discuss Jetpack SDK integration

Tree Management

  • bug 629759 - FYI: On Aug. 4th the drivers of the XP rev3 minis got updated to version 260.99


Security reviews this week (calendar)

Wed 10-Aug
Web apps support in Fennec :: 15:00 PDT

Fri 12-Aug
[Mobile] Anti-malware/phishing :: 11:00 PDT

Be aware Security review/discussion scheduling is changing per the note to dev-planning

Stability Report


  • Socorro
    • 2.2 due out later this week or Monday. The crash rate and top crash lists will be differentiated per beta and between beta and release.
    • Drop in crash rate for all versions yesterday and missing reports. Socorro team is looking into the problem Bug 677459 and Bug 677502
  • Beta: Everything looks pretty good for FF6. Breakdown of ADUs per Beta
  • Aurora: Things are fairly stable on Aurora but we are still tracking quite a few items.
  • Trunk: Some new signatures appearing only for 8.0a1.
    • Bug 673984 - crash in _purecall | nsImageLoader::DoRedraw(nsRect const*)
    • Bug 677273 - mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::RescheduleTimeoutTimer(JSContext*).
    • A couple of the new signatures are simply due to the instrumentation work Bill is doing for the GC crash diagnosis - Bug 677277, Bug 676571
    • 2 hangs have regressed on the trunk as shown in Kairo's explosiveness report. Apparently those have been logged and fixed as of a couple of hours ago bug 676361.
  • We are starting to put together wiki pages that track a particular area of the crash landscape. This one organizes all the Flash issues, has reports, lists bugs we need to verify, bugs we need to find test cases for and details work that would help with the diagnosis. We are going to put together something similar for malware etc.


  • Crash Analysis for Fennec 08/09/2011
    • bug 664510 - Get valid crashreporter reports again
    • Not sure if Content crashers are making it to the crash-stats
    • The graph is showing aggregation of content and app crashes
    • bug 671818 - play a webm file report error after fennec6.0, crash [@ mozilla::gfx::ScaleYCbCrToRGB565] ; request to push to aurora
  • Mobile team needs to get URL report for certain crashes. There are a couple of bugs logged to handle this.


  • bug 677256 Geolocation wifi protocol changing. new API, rewrite of the component. Will land next week.