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Notices / Schedule

Firefox Development

  • Paul O'Shannessy landed some pref UI to expose a "load tabs on demand" (AKA bartab) pref for sessionrestore (bug 648683)
  • Margaret landed a new blank tab icon (created by Stephen Horlander) (bug 648668)
  • Ongoing e10s work:
    • e10s-compat build time flag has browser standing up, but no progress events
    • felipe is working on having the WPL listeners work (bug 666801)
    • coming week we're going to be filing some additional bugs and directing fx-team's full attention to them (bug fxe10s)

Firefox Developer Tools


  • Telemetry will soon be opt-out (rather than opt-in) on development channels.
    • To opt out in automated-testing profiles, set toolkit.telemetry.enabled = false


  • The Cairo update looks like it's going to stick despite the regressions, mostly due to the benefits mobile got from it. Please let us know if that's a bad choice.
  • bug 660264 - Tp4 regression due to D3D9-accelerated layers - we're still working through the issues here, but we believe that this doesn't actually affect users. Please see that bug for more discussion.
  • For more details, see this week's graphics meeting notes.




  • Landed William's patch to add File, Blob and FileReaderSync support to workers. This means that pages and addons can read files off the main thread. bug 664783





  • Jim Chen (badass intern!) found the cause of long standing Tegra crash bug bug 662936 while running many of the Talos tests.
  • Master Password landed



Tree Management

  • Planned tree closure today for network work
  • Currently having unplanned tree closure due to tinderbox backlog bug 676822
    • Can try using as an alternative
    • IT is currently shuffling storage around to try and get us on faster spindles
    • Other options we're looking at:
      • delete data from old builds (especially try builds) - reduces volume to migrate
      • cut some trees and setup separate tinderbox instance for some branches on separate dedicated RelEng machines
      • stop sending emails for certain branches - disruptive to developers. try ?
      • extended downtime to speed up the migration of data
      • wait for webdev/IT to get new TBPL to be deployed (will take a long time!)
        • last meeting was with/laura, IT on friday; code already sec-reviewed.
        • mongodb deployment worries
        • more time to revisit after today(tuesday) releases - bunch of work blocking ship FF6.0.


Reviews this week:

Reminder: Changes to scheduling reviews (dev-planning):

Items marked as sec-review-needed:

Schedule and review/discussion questions can be directed to curtisk.

Stability Report



  • Socorro 2.2 released over the weekend.
  • Top crashes and crashes per user now split between individual Betas and Release.
  • A couple of data query issues introduced: Bug 679182 and Bug 679229.
  • Bugs are fixed in staging but no ETA on deployment to production.
    • Update: deployed this morning [laura]

Trunk 8.0a1

  • Trunk is a bit unstable - 4.0 crashes per 100 ADU.
  • A number of crash regressions on 8.0 - looks as though many of these will be promoted to Aurora so we will be tracking them.
  • Bug 679030
  • Bug 679035
  • Bug 678181 - Causing a number of Font crash signatures. Backed out the patches for Bug 668813 - Need a couple more days to figure out if got rid of all the crashes.
  • Spike in old signature which looks related to a certificate change Bug 678710
  • Bug 677273

Aurora & Beta

  • On top of 7.0 issues.
  • Better data after 7.0b1 goes out.


  • Shockwave issue emerging across all versions Bug 679148
  • Added a new keyword[needs-URLs] to indicate that we need to run a query to see if there is any site correlations to crashes. The crash team can query on this and make sure we have reports for these bugs.



  • discuss use of purify/sm-purify01 and disposition of license and hardware. /bc
  • Hiring a power measurement engineer: if you know of someone, please link them to the job posting and encourage them to apply.