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Mobile Discussion

Performance Program Wiki: Please visit and dive in with comments.

  • Thomas: Call to action: startup shrink and memshrink are two efforts happening today. We are creating more of a program to help drive current and future performance effort to make Fx on Android lightening fast.
  • Michelle: Performance is the #1 issue for users. More people are complaining about it than flash support
  •  Erin: Timeline. We need to be remarkably faster in 6 months.
  • Startup time is the first priority
  • Acctionable Bugs Can be found here.

Notices / Schedule

  • 3.6.22 and 6.0.2 (desktop and mobile) just went live
  • 7.0b4 will come out later today with the same fixes
  • If you are on the book for 3.6.23 patches (the update that will ship with Firefox 7), please land them on releases/mozilla-1.9.2 ASAP

Firefox Development

  • Tim Taubert refactored Panorama's WebProgressListener to support e10s, and to improve private browsing support WRT saving tab thumbnails (bug 674926)
  • Kev Needham worked with Twitter to add Twitter search to the Firefox search bar (bug 671307)
  • Michael Ventnor is making progress cleaning up and refactoring some autocomplete APIs to properly support inline autocomplete (bug 566489)

Firefox Developer Tools

  • We're trying to collect code editor feedback (blog post)





  • 'font-stretch' implemented (jfkthame/jdaggett) --- 4-digit bug fixed!
  • Team status:
    • dbaron: reviews, investigating mobile text resizing
    • dholbert: CSS3 flexbox
    • matspal, tnikkel: bug fixing
    • fantasai: getting started on page-break-*
    • jfkthame: bug fixing, patches for Graphite font support
    • jwatt: converting SVG code to use display lists and be more like other layout code
    • heycam: WebIDL, reworking SVG text to use CSS layout
    • smontagu: implementing dir="auto" and unicode-bidi:isolate/plaintext
    • mattwoodrow: further 3D-transforms improvements (layer sorting)
    • jwir3: finishing animated gif performance issue, getting started on css3 multi-column spec validation
  • Zzzzz


  • Basic fullscreen API landed (preffed off) (cpearce)
    • cpearce now working on UI changes needed to get it enabled by default
  • Team status:
    • doublec: bug fixing
    • kinetik: tidying up libcubeb sound library for review
    • karl: reviews, tuning the lighting in the Auckland office
    • cpearce: fixing remaining issues with fullscreen API (such as multiprocess support)
    • rgiles: starting on WebVTT subtitles
    • derf, jmvalin: Opus work, WebRTC standards discussion, WebRTC demo hacking
    • rjesup: WebRTC
    • roc: MediaStreams processing infrastructure


  • Rafael and Andrew found and fixed bug 673017 which explains some of the mysterious cycle collector related crashes
  • peterv found the reason for an intermittent crash seen mostly in our test automation, which is a threading issue relating to cycle collected objects (XPCWrappedJS) being reference counted off the main thread and causing intermittent crashes. bug 684711


  • USB enumeration working on windows.
  • Progress on WebSMS. Close to having full functionality.
  • Team Status:
    • Kevin: WebUSB
    • Mounir: WebSMS
    • Bent: WebTelephony, building B2G on windows





  • Booting up our mobile text to speech solution! Eitan Isaacson (IRC: eeejay) has joined the a11y team -- will note his arrival at next Monday's meeting. He is in data-collecting-tinker-hacking mode for this week.


Tree Management



  • Stub Installer being rescheduled due to reviewee not showing

Meeting Details:

  • Tue. 6-Sept 10:00 AM PDT
  • 3O - ORLY


Meeting Details:

  • Wed. 07-Sept, 13:00:00 PM PDT (16:00 EDT)
  • 3O - ORLY


Meeting Details:

  • Thur. 8, Sept, 10:00AM PDT
  • 3P - PBJ

Other details:

  • IRC Channel: #security
  • Etherpad:
  • Dial-in Info:
    • In office or soft phone: extension 92
    • US/INTL: 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 then extension 92
    • Toronto: 416-848-3114 then extension 92
    • Toll-free: 800-707-2533 then password 369
    • Conference num 624

Stability Report

Friday metrics outage

  • Data center outage for metrics
  • ADUs are missing for Friday - everything is 0.
  • ADUs should have been backfilled but not appearing in Socorro.


  • Trunk stability calmed down a bit. Still seeing a number of signatures in older builds.
  • Type Inference checkins
  • Bug 684797 - top crash on the trunk over the weekend but looks like a fix is pending.
  • Bug 676023 - duped to another bug - trying to figure out if it's fixed.
  • Bug 683967
  • Bug 683753 - top crash on mac and linux for desktop, high on the list for windows (this one is fixed but still appearing in old builds).
  • Other - A couple of big issues related to dlls/extensions
    • Bug 684748 - dll comcash installs - high on release crashes (9k+ a day crashes).
    • Bug 655775 - DataMgr.dll



  • The discussion about web app shells and profiles petered out without a decision by the webapp guys: I (bsmedberg) was under the impression that this was an urgent project. If so, can we get decisions to proceed with implementation?
    • For anyone interested in OWA status/discussions: