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General Goals


  • [ON TRACK] Transition front end development model to rapid release process
  • Support channel switching support for first Aurora/Beta/Release train, specifically:
    • [DONE] Implement channel switching UI and updater support
    • [ON TRACK] Move to no-notification update
  • [ON TRACK] Build and establish feature tracking system for coordinating development effort (joint with Product)
  • [ON TRACK] Resolve bottlenecks around front-end code review bandwidth

Developer Tools

  • [ON TRACK] Ship the Scratchpad tool in Firefox 6
  • [ON TRACK] Ship a collection of Web Console improvements in Firefox 6
  • [ON TRACK] Land the parts of the Command Line that allow tools to register commands (thus allowing us to iterate on the user experience) on mozilla-central
  • [ON TRACK] Land initial "design oriented" tools for shipping on mozilla-central
  • [ON TRACK] Have concrete javascript debugger plan and implementation of basic pieces


  • [MISSED] Fennec layers acceleration
    • Use OpenGL ES on at least a subset of Android hardware in time for Firefox 6
    • Still working on for Q2
  • [AT RISK] Electrolysis Accelerated Layers
    • Land in Q2 on mozilla-central
    • For non-sandboxed processes only
  • [DROPPED] NPAPI async drawing extension
    • Back to the drawing board on plugin-futures traction
  • [DONE] Azure - D2D accelerated 2D canvas implementation
    • Land on mozilla-central by June 21 preffed on
  • [MISSED] Mac Plugin Async Drawing
    • Land in Q2 on mozilla-central


  • [DONE] text-overflow implementation on mozilla-central
  • [DONE] CSS animations on mozilla-central
  • [MISSED] fullscreen style-system support on mozilla-central
  • [MISSED] Move the selection state bits from layout to content


  • [MISSED] Prototype builds with working synchronized stream graph framework
  • [MISSED] libcubeb sound library replacing libsydneyaudio on mozilla-central


  • [DONE] Have a DOM object exposed to JS with new DOM bindings (*not* in mozilla-central).
  • [DONE] No more XPConnect between JS and C++ code in DOM workers.
  • [ON TRACK] Implement HTML5 form controls <progress>, <input type "number">, and <meter>.
  • [MISSED] Have cyclic reference leak debugging tools committed to mozilla-central and documented for others to use.
  • [DONE] Land WebSockets
  • [MISSED] Remove nsHTMLContentSink (in preparation for removing old HTML parser later on)


  • [ON TRACK] Implement Debug Object specification (
  • [ON TRACK] Implement Incremental GC (bug 641025)
  • [ON TRACK] Design new compiler and implement basic infrastructure (bug 650180)
  • [ON TRACK] Land type inference, pref'd off (Bug 608741)


  • [MISSED] Adjust accessibility plans to align with electrolysis desktop schedule. Begin multiprocess a11y impl.
  • [DONE] Work with product management to complete mobile functional accessibility requirements and priorities.
  • [DONE] Make all implemented HTML5 inputs accessible. Bonus: implement canvas inner DOM exposure.
  • [MISSED] Finish work for accessible text interfaces to include only cached text usage.
  • [MISSED] Remove 75% of existing XPCOMery from the accessibility module.




  • [ON TRACK] Develop test plan for the rest of 2011 and put at least one new network performance test into production.
  • [ON TRACK] Support at least websockets -06 on trunk (bugs 640213 and 640003), participate in -o7 development.
  • [ON TRACK] Identify two networking-related performance issues on mobile and implement solutions. Turning on a disk cache might be one of these.
  • [ON TRACK] Investigate the effectiveness of TCP preconnections as a performance enhancement. If the strategy is effective then implement it. (bug 634278).
  • [ON TRACK] Schedule and complete Firefox 6 networking feature security reviews.