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See the Tree Rules before pushing patch into any repository


Download Links for Firefox for Desktop

Get the latest version of Firefox for Windows, macOS or Linux across all channels and check the Release notes for new features, enhancements or changes

Download Links for Firefox for Android

You can get the latest release, beta and Nightly versions of Firefox for Android on the Google Play Store.

Release timeline

Firefox is released at intervals of six to eight weeks (not counting urgent patch updates), meaning that every six to eight weeks there will be a new version of Firefox Release.

From mozilla-central to mozilla-release

  • Firefox Nightly is released every 12 hours with all the changes landed on mozilla-central
  • Every 6 to 8 weeks, we merge the code from mozilla-central to our mozilla-beta branch. The mozilla-beta branch should now only get patches aimed at stabilizing the release. Any patch on mozilla-central that we want backported to our mozilla-beta branch should follow the approval rules for uplifts
  • Beta 1 and Beta 2 are built from this beta branch and used to build and ship Firefox Developer Edition as a stabilization step before shipping Firefox Beta to our much wider Beta audience.
  • Starting with Beta 3, Firefox Beta is released twice a week for Desktop, leaving us with 12 to 16 betas every cycle unless we have chemspills leading to additional betas. Firefox Beta 3 is shipped to a subset of our Beta population. The full Beta population gets updated starting with beta 4 only.
  • At the end of the Beta cycle, a final build is validated by our QA and tagged for release into the mozilla-release branch

Android specificities

  • Firefox Nightly is released every 24 hours
  • Starting with Beta 3, Firefox Beta is released once a week for Android, leaving us with 6 to 9 betas every cycle.

Release day activities/checklist can be found on the Release Day wiki page

Our release schedule is meant to be flexible and we may occasionally modify the length of a cycle to be shorter or longer than the 6-8 week cycle mentioned. Check the Rapid Release Calendar to stay updated with the upcoming branch dates.

All about Flags

  • tracking-firefoxN : A multi-state flag that currently has two values which show whether a bug is being investigated for possible resolution in the FirefoxN release . Bugs marked tracking-firefoxN are bugs that must be resolved one way or another before a particular release ships. Release drivers will track and shepherd the bug until it is determined the bug no longer impacts the release
    •  ? This bug has been nominated to block FirefoxN
    • - (minus) - Drivers have determined this bug will not block FirefoxN
    • + (plus) - Drivers have determined this bug will block the FirefoxN release or may be tracked after the FirefoxN release

Refer to these guidelines on setting the tracking flag

  • status-firefoxN : A multi-state flag that currently has seven values which represent the status of the bug with respect to the FirefoxN
    • unaffected - This bug does not affect FirefoxN
    • affected - This bug affects FirefoxN
    • fixed - This bug is fixed in FirefoxN
    • wontfix - A fix for this bug will not be accepted in FirefoxN
    • verified - This bug is fixed and verified in FirefoxN
    • disabled - This feature is disabled in FirefoxN
    • verified disabled - Disabling the feature is verified in FirefoxN

  • Approval Flags : Set on the attachment of a bug
    • All patches landing on mozilla-beta/release/esr branch must have these nominated by setting a " ? ".Please make sure to fill the populated list of questions [Approval Request Comment] that come up on the attachment . This helps Release management understand the user impact & with risk-reward analysis before we grant/deny approval. If this form is left incomplete it will be sent back to you for completion.

The Process

1) If you think a bug needs to be addressed in a release :

  • Set the tracking-firefoxN : ? nomination on a bug for with helpful justification and keeping these guidelines in mind
  • Mark the corresponding status flag as affected if the patch is still being worked on
  • Once the patch is ready set the approval flag appropriately depending on which branches are affected

2) Members of Release Management go through all the bugs nominated for tracking & if in agreement that this bug needs to be investigated in that release we will go ahead and set tracking-firefoxN : + . Once we track a bug for a particular release we will make sure to follow-up on the progress or help with any road blockers till you have a patch nominated for approval

Note : Bugs denied for tracking-firefoxN are still important .It merely means based on the information we have now,we do not feel the bug would prevent us from shipping a release. If new information comes to light, you need help getting more data before you can make the case for us to track, or you disagree with our assessment feel free to renominate again with additional justification

3) Once you nominated a patch with approval-mozilla-beta/release : ? we will evaluate the information given in the attachment request we may either approve/deny/request more information. Once you get an approval , i.e approval-mozilla-beta/release : + , please go ahead with landing on the corresponding branch and mark status-firefoxN flag to "fixed" , making sure Treeherder is green

Also see:

Security Bug Approval Process

  • In case you are working on a security bug please make sure to read the wiki and follow the outlined approval process before checking in the patch.


  • about:crashes gives you links to your crashes
  • You can obtain crash-data across any channel for all Firefox products by customizing the needed reports from this dashboard
  • If at all, the information on the dash board does not suffice for the crasher you are investigating & say may be you need access to raw data, access to additional crash-dumps or data request etc you can always file a Bug and forward the request to socorro team as a start to help you.



Following are the queries that Release management goes through almost day-day to make sure we are tracking the right blockers,getting them fixed and make sure these bugs get fixed (heard of nag emails yet :) ? ) for a particular Firefox release

  • Bugs tracking for release
    • Bugs tracking Firefox Beta 59

Nag Emails

  • To ensure that these tracking Bugs get the needed attention and keeping in mind the deadlines in case you forget Release Management sends you friendly nag emails for these blocker email's to make sure these get the needed priority and attention as they are are considered potential blockers for release
  • If you are working on a tracked bug you may have seen emails with Subject similar to : RelMan Attention Needed: Monday May 20 -- Daily Release Tracking Alert for bugs that are actively not being worked on or if any of the bugs may have a needsinfo on you and is blocking progress
  • This has also been very helpful to avoid any communication gap between Release drivers and developers and help us be on the same page and setting the right expectation about a tracked bugs progress and resolution

Release notes for Desktop/Android

Release Notes page describes the release notes process, relnote-firefox tracking flag, styling guide and other relevant details.

Please check the wiki for the process we have currently to construct release notes . Below is the link to all the existing release notes across all channels .


Getting help

  • IRC:
    • Some channels:#introduction, #release-drivers, #developers, #planning, #mobile
    • More info on irc
  • Mailing List:

For any release related issues :

    • related issues)
  • Google groups :
    • mozilla.announce
  • Be part of the Channel Meeting if you are interested in day-day updates for desktop/mobile releases