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Gecko Planned Work For 2022

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Program Initiative
APIs Support Observable Array type in WebIDL
Investigate/prototype Container Queries
Client-side Print Support for Gsuite (Named Pages)
Investigate, Spec, Plan "Context-paint” for adding custom external colors to SVG icons
Scroll-linked animations (M2) Improve the performance and memory usage
Get WebRTC 1.0 APIs up to specification
Prototype Largest Contentful Paint
Prototype Prioritized Task Scheduling API
WASM: Implement Tail Call Proposal
Streams API
Import Maps
WASM: Exception Handling
JavaScript Lang: Intl.Segmenter
Devtools Console Panel Performance
Improve DevTools Debugger
DevTools Remote Protocol / WebDriver BiDi
DevTools: Prevent Accidental Use of F12
Engineering Efficiency Implement most valuable release management bot enhancements
Features Bring Swipe-to-navigate to Windows
Bring Swipe-to-navigate to Linux
Support audio output device authorization
Support audio input device switching
Internationalization (i18n) Unify Segmentation
Performance Accessibility Engine Improvements
Service Worker NavigationPreloadManager API
Service Worker performance improvements
Add GPU Accleration to Canvas2D
Improve SVG and Blob Image Rendering
Support Selective Shutdown of Audio Backend
103 EarlyHints
Understand how frequently users encounter adverse performance due to being low on memory
Find a way to aggressively unload pages with fast restoration
Improve profiler IPC markers
Collect CPU use information for the entire profiled processes and the entire system
Reduce profiler memory and CPU overhead when profiling many idle threads
Quality Run tests on Linux under Wayland
Fix top quality issues with PDF.js
Automatic backfilling and retrying for test failures
Use test selection results to speed up sheriffs' decisions or partly automate them
Build more automation around handling of intermittent tests
Enable Cross Translation Unit (CTU) static analysis
Implement before/after/after_landing static analysis method
Add static analysis to reduce unnecessary and/or expensive headers
Revitalize Color Management
Wide Gamut Color Support
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support (MacOS)
Downloadable Blocklist Support on Mobile
Pinch - Zoom Feature Repairs/Enhancements
Print Output Improvementes
Aspect Ratio Stabilization
Stability GPU Process Support on Android

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