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This page is here for historical purposes.
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This page and its subsections have partial incremental content, are a work in-progress, and subject to frequent updates/changes. For broader information about Mozilla participation in standards, see the Standards page. — Tantek ( 17:57, 13 April 2021 (UTC)


  • Cross-platform form controls (some improved stylability)
  • WebRender to release
  • ...


New CSS properties

  • aspect-ratio

Media query features

  • forced-colors

@-rule descriptors

  • @page { ‘size’ and ‘page-orientation’ }
  • @font-face { ascent-, descent-, and line-gap-override }

CSS Values

  • image-set() function

CSS performance improvements

CSS related privacy


Ecma262 and WebVM

Ecma262 and DOM adjacent work



  • SIMD support (bug 1625130) (done)
  • Exceptions (bug 1335652) (mostly done)
  • Expected on nightly but not release:
  • Our general stance is to boost & implement features that matter to how wasm can be used on the web by current and plausible future tools
    • C/C++/Rust/Fortran/Go/Java support more important than niche languages
    • Good web interop




Some of this was tracked in previous years at other pages, which we’re going through and cleaning up:

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