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What is BugKill?

Currently, there are over 2000 bugs in various graphics-related bugzilla components. This is too many for any person to keep in her head.

Our goal is to get down to about 300 bugs per component by a mix of closing obsolete bugs and creating new components. We’ll then be in a position to keep our bugs in check, because each component will have one or two people able to monitor and triage bugs.

When is BugKill?

BugKill happens every Friday, starting November 25, 2011.

We'll be communicating on channel #gfx as well as videoconferencing using Vidyo:

What does one do during BugKill?

During this BugKill day, everyone involved will be given a Bugzilla query, and they’ll be responsible for going through, bug by bug, and determining whether the bug still applies. Due to the volume of bugs, we don’t expect to be able to get through them all, but we should be able to process several hundred.

Dealing with specific bugs

Start by reading QA's triage guide. We want to test bugs to see if they still apply/are reproducible. If a bug was reproducible and now is not, it can be closed as WORKSFORME. If a bug was never reproducible or was not clear, it can be closed as INCOMPLETE with a message saying that the reporter should feel free to reopen with more information. (Note: Don't close bugs with ongoing discussion as INCOMPLETE!)


  • CC people who work in the area
  • Move bugs to more appropriate components
  • Mark bugs as duplicate if work is already ongoing — forward duping is fine.


  • Set the QA Contact to another one of the BugKillers when you're sure they can deal with a bug significantly more quickly than you can. (These bugs show up in the "Transferred bugs" query beside your name below.)


  • Leave bugs open because you're not sure about them. That's why we got into this situation :)
  • Rely on other people to triage your bugs. If you need to use a VM, do so. If you need to install old versions, do so.

Where to get old builds of Firefox

The FTP server has all our old builds. "releases" is actually released versions of Firefox; "nightly" is all nightly builds; "tinderbox-builds" contains a rolling couple of weeks of the builds we generate on every commit to every branch.

Bugzilla queries

See also our etherpad for real-time collaboration.

The list of all open bugs in GFX: Color Management, Graphics, Canvas: 2D, Canvas: WebGL, Imagelib. These are further subdivided by last number (or last two numbers) by person below.


Close me - Allow 2 weeks to respond.