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Purpose of this document is to collect meeting notes for our work on Software WebRender

May 7th 2020

Core purpose of meeting:

  • Set May milestone for sw-wr


  • Review status/how far we came in April
  • Discuss core priorities for May
  • Performance measurement idea from Jim
  • Any other SWGL discussions/concerns we should surface (quality, security)


  • In terms of correctness, majority of places where we are still failing is png reference.
  • To get better than that would impact performance
  • Add fuzz bonus to Wrench harness, ideally SWGL specific
  • Whatever solution is easiest so we can get SWGL running in wrench CI is suitable
  • When do we want to start attacking Gecko reftests?
  • Right now performance and getting software composition for Linux and Windows are likely top priorities

Goals for May: Set up infrastructure we need to get good perf measurements

  • Compositing for Windows and Linux
  • Wrench and TP5scroll in CI - need to make sure it supports the options we need and is green in try before we get more help to hook that up
  • Do a run of TP5scroll locally to get early results
  • Back burner task - get a handle on how bad we are with Gecko reftests

March 31st 2020

Core purpose of meeting:

  • Set April milestone for sw-wr


  • SWGL is in tree, work underway to fix key breakages/features
  • Lee has been working on implementing support for perspective correct rasterization
  • Need to investigate failing Wrench reftests, looks like many failures potentially caused by common problems (anti-aliasing and stuff offset to the left a bit)

Goals for April:

  • Look at figuring out the two main problems mentioned above that seem to be a common cause of many failures - Lee
  • We are also crashing while running reftests right now - Jim to take an initial look at that, see if we can figure out why (
  • After that, we can start looking at and categorizing failing reftets - Jim (with support from JeffM and Lee)
    • Then we can get a rough idea of how many we might aim to fix throughout April
  • Reducing shaders exposed to perspective? Background list of tasks for Glenn (not super urgent but chipping away next couple of weeks)
  • Aim to have something in place for perspective (even if not yet final) - Lee
  • Performance is a little on the backburner for now, Jeff notes gmail is slow so some profiling could happen there if we have time/decide it is a prority