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About WebCL

WebCL is an in-progress effort by Khronos ( to specify a JavaScript/DOM API similar to OpenCL, which is an API for high-performance computing hardware, such as GPGPUs. WebCL should be to OpenCL what WebGL is to OpenGL.

The latest WebCL Working Draft is available here:

There is a private and a public WebCL mailing list at Khronos. The public list is:

The private list is:

Public discussion for WebCL integration in Gecko:

Implementations for Gecko

There is a prototype implementation developed by Nokia Research available at The prototype does not yet include a kernel validator.

See for more information on the Nokia WebCL project.

Mozilla projects : WebCL

Feature/TODO Status Who? Priority Comments
Using image from dom (canvas /img) NOK  ??? Can use something like WebGL
3D interactions with angle on windows with directX10+ NOK  ???
flags for macOSX NOK  ???
Add cycle collector to nsWebCL NOK  ???
Delete custom quickstubs for typedArray NOK  ??? see modifications and only use JSObject
Delete custom quickstubs for arrays NOK  ??? Try to only use nsIvariant
Create patches for integration in mozilla central NOK  ???
Add mochitest NOK  ???