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10am 11am 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm

Intro and goals (Jet)

Moz2D Roadmap (Bas)

60fps: Profiling tools and methods (BenWa) (1:30pm)

Extending ImageContainers to contain multiple images (roc)

ANativeWindow backed EGLSurface (Sotaro)

OMT Animations, other CSS Animations/Transitions work (dbaron)


Fixing lifetimes of IPDL actors in gfx (GrallocBufferActor, etc) (bjacob)

Automated & performance testing, TART (Avi)

60fps: Hit the fast path - best practices (BenWa)


APZC: Past, present, future (Kats)
Scroll snapping, and ways to expose OMT scrolling/panning (/zooming?) to the Web (dbaron, roc)


Shumway: Worker Threads, Rendering/Rasterizing

Text: Transition to ICU

Layerization heuristics(Matt)

Vertical Text

UX discussion: Responsiveness & Performance (cyee)

Layers (gfx): Walkthrough a simple test case (bjacob)

Layers: are we there yet? The design conversation.

Layers: texture host, client; what now?
Restyling performance (dbaron)

Haida (VidyoRoom - Graphics, in Paris Apero boardroom downstairs) etherpad


[Canvas: Web workers (roc)]

[Moz2D: Next steps (fonts, filters, repo, etc.) (Bas)]

[Non-blocking screen shot thumbnails creation]

[Canvas: what next, what's missing? (Jeff M)]

Text: SkiaGL: Content, canvas, future (gw280)

Standards Wars: DOMPoint/DOMRect/DOMQuad (roc)

(4:30) [Surfaces conversation - see bjacob's e-mail]

[Surfaces conversation (cntd.)]


[WebGL 1: what and how to “finish” (jgilbert)]

box:contents, overflow:fragments (dbaron, mats)

SVG Performance Discussion

layout isolation (30mins); CSS Masking (30mins)

how we triage incoming bug reports (dbaron)

10am 11am 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm