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Notes from WR Linux meeting - July 21 Attendees: Nical, Aosmond, JeffM, JessieB

  • Jessie will submit a PI request for 81 so that QA can start looking at WR on Linux
  • Currently we have a 10% regression on power usage with video playback
    • The recommendation is to not use partial present on GLX as it doesn't work well, high chance for screen tears. Wait for EGL
    • This regression is so far acceptable to the team - small percentage of users, and there is a better story in the future.
      • Andrew will do a test with his ATI card to see how power usage looks there and also compare with Chrome
      • I will add this to our list of things to keep an eye on for go-no-go decisions for Linux
  • This bug: is on our radar as possibly concerning
    • Probably fine to ride to beta, but should see if we can repro/fix before shipping to release
    • Jessie will flag for QA to see if they can reproduce