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List of Benchmarks

List of benchmarks we care about, including who has requested them and whether they are and running. The tests labeled "WBGP" are included in Tom's Hardware's Web Browser Grand Prix testsuite.

Benchmark Coverage Status Notes
Octane JS Ported Currently running 1.0; Will port 2.0 that was just released.
Sunspider JS Ported
Kraken JS Ported
CanvasMark 2d canvas Ported WBGP.
GUIMark 2 & 3 2d canvas Porting WBGP.
GfxBench WebGL Porting Porting work by vendor
Browsermark Not ported #Browsermark 2.0. WBGP.
WebVizBench Not ported WBGP.
Scirra WebGL WebGL Not ported WBGP.
LUIC Cubes Not ported WBGP.
Facebook JSGameBench Not ported WBGP.
Coremark Not ported
BananaBench JS, asm.js, WebGL Not ported
CSS 3D Molecules CSS Not ported
Escape Goat Not ported; remove fastReplay in webkit because their postMessage impl is broken
Aquarium WebGL Ported
Acid3 Not ported
Ringmark Not ported
HTML5 Test Not ported WBGP.
Fish IE Tank Not ported

Browsermark 2.0

Performance aggregated in one numerical score

  • WebGL
  • Canvas
  • HTML5
  • CCS3/3d
  • Advanced JavaScript Tests
  • General browsing tests
    • Page load
    • Responsiveness
    • Resizing
    • Hardware acceleration
    • Web gaming performance

Conformance (percentage score)

  • CSS3
  • Flash
  • HTML 5
  • Network
  • Silverlight