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Platform Games

The platform games initiative is made up of a core team whose works is primarily focused on making the Gecko platform, Firefox Desktop, Firefox OS, and Firefox for Android the best it can possibly be at running games. The core team is ready to help coordinate with other groups in the community who are working on features or optimization that are important to game developers and provide assistance when needed. Platform development continues to focus on games and we hope you are as excited as we are to make HTML5 rock on the web!

2015 Goals

Current Plans Previous Plans
  • Testing & Benchmarks
    • Collaborate with QA to develop a regular cadence for running benchmarks + analysis
    • Collaborate with QA to develop a "games test plan" for each release cycle
    • Reporting: create a mechanism for reporting the above to incite action on part of engineering
------ Items above planned to be done throughout 2015 ------
  • GDC 2015 bug 1107589
    • Technical areas of focus include include: Polish & Performance, WebVR, pthreads, SIMD, WebGL2, and possibly Web Audio
    • Identify all Demo Content and continue to define technical requirements
    • Work with PR to identify campaign messaging, demo deliverables and related schedule
    • Pre-event hardware requirements, training, and attendance logistics
------ Items above planned to be done before or during Gecko 39 (Q1) ------
  • Win64: confirm and communicate schedule
  • Emerge from Q1 with a solid plan for triage going forward
------ Items above planned to be done before or during Gecko 42 (Q2) ------
  • Heavy emphasis on driving performance across Gecko Platform
  • Start planning for GDC 2016
------ Items above planned to be done before or during Gecko 45 (End 2015) ------
  • Nothing here for now.


Often event planning activities will need to be Moco only but we'll be sure to post info ahead of time as much as possible
  • GDC 2015

Project Portfolio


Related Projects


Bugzilla Queries


Release Targets


Project Team Meeting Wednesdays at 10:00 AM (PST)/1:00 PM (EST) for 60 mins
  • Vidyo Room: Games's Vidyo Room
  • Invitation: Contact elancaster@mozilla.com (:elan) to get added to the meeting invite list.
  • Meeting Notes: Meeting Notes Etherpad
  • Server: irc.mozilla.org
  • Channel: #games


Games Platform & Research

  • Vladimir Vukicevic - <vladimir@mozilla.com>
  • Martin Best - <mbest@mozill.com>
  • Alan Kligman - <akligman@mozilla.com>
  • Alon Zakai - <azakai@mozilla.com>
  • Jeffrey Gilbert - <jgilbert@mozilla.com>
  • Jukka Jylänki - <jjylanki@mozilla.com>
  • Luke Wagner" <lwagner@mozilla.com>
  • Marco Mucci - <mmucci@mozilla.com>
  • Milan Sreckovic - <msreckovic@mozilla.com>
  • Naveed Ihsanullah - <nihsanullah@mozilla.com>
  • Maire Reavy - <mreavy@mozilla.com>
  • Paul Adenot - <padenot@mozilla.com>
  • Ted Mielczarek - <ted@mozilla.com>
  • Kannan Vijayan - <kvijayan@mozilla.com>
  • Peter Chang - <pchang@mozilla.com>

Games Documentation

  • Christopher Mills - <cmills@mozilla.com>
  • Eric Shepherd - <eshepherd@mozilla.com>

Games Partner Support

  • Bill Walker - <bwalker@mozilla.com>
  • Harald Kirschner - <hkirschner@mozilla.com>
  • Louis Stowasser - <lstowasser@mozilla.com>
  • Nick Desaulniers - <nick@mozilla.com>

Games Public Relationship Team

  • Paul Jarratt - <pjarratt@mozilla.com>

Games QA

  • Anthony Hughes - <ahughes@mozilla.com>
  • Marc Schifer - <mschifer@mozilla.com>

To Be Kept Informed

  • Chloe Varelidi - <chloe@mozillafoundation.org>
  • Dave Herman - <dherman@mozilla.com>
  • Sean Stangl - <sstangl@mozilla.com>
  • Jeff Muizelaar - <jmuizelaar@mozilla.com>
  • Benoit Jacob - <bjacob@mozilla.com>