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Improve on JSIL so that it can seamlessly bring Desktop and Windows Phone games built in XNA to mobile and desktop browsers


The focus of the project is to prove the viability of JSIL as a way to port XNA game to Firefox Desktop and Mobile offerings. To that end, this project will attempt to port an existing product to both desktop and then on to mobile. The end deliverable would be both improvements to the JSIL porting tool and a product that would be shippable in the Marketplace. A secondary deliverable will be providing documentation on how different issues where solved in the form of both tool documentation and blog post about specific topics that are worth further discussion.

This will not result in a full product version of the tool, however, the deliverable would serve as a proof point towards launching a second project to improve the accessibility of the tool for broader usage. A full port of MonoGame is out of scope for this first port, however, some work maybe undertaken towards this goal in order to make porting a product viable.

Issue Tracking

JSIL issue tracking is currently done on the public Github issue tracker. A private bugzilla backlog may be necessary for non-public aspects of this project.


Role Contacts
Project Champion
  • Vladimir Vukicevic ( (A,C,I)
Project Management
  • Martin Best ( (A,C,I)
Tech Lead
  • Kevin Gadd ( (R,A,C,I)

The letters following each name stand for:

  • R = Responsible for deliverable
  • A = Accountable for the final decision making on some aspect of the project
  • C = Needs to be consulted on key topics
  • I = Needs to be kept informed


Project Team Meeting Tuesdays at 1:30pm PT (4:30pm ET) for 30 mins
  • Skype: Details included on meeting invite.
  • Invitation: Contact to get added to the meeting invite list.
  • Meeting Notes: Meeting Notes Etherpad
  • Server:
  • Channel: #jsil