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Dan Glazman has written a list of the WebKit-specific properties he knows about.

property Gecko status WebKit status sites using sites using WebKit only sites using WebKit and bare
animation-duration 5.0 (prefixed) C3.0(prefixed), S4.0(prefixed)
animation-iteration-count 5.0 (prefixed) C3.0(prefixed), S4.0(prefixed)
animation-name 5.0 (prefixed) C3.0(prefixed), S4.0(prefixed)
animation-timing-function 5.0 (prefixed) C3.0(prefixed), S4.0(prefixed)
appearance 1.0 (prefixed) C1.0 (prefixed), S3.0 (prefixed), W522
background-size 3.6 (prefixed), 4.0 (bare) C3.0 (bare), S4.1(bare), W532
border-radius 1.0 (prefixed), 4.0 (bare) C4.0 (bare), S3.0(prefixed), S5.0 (bare)
border-bottom-left-radius 1.0 (prefixed), 4.0 (bare) C4.0 (bare), S3.0(prefixed), S5.0 (bare)
border-bottom-right-radius 1.0 (prefixed), 4.0 (bare) C4.0 (bare), S3.0(prefixed), S5.0 (bare)
border-top-left-radius 1.0 (prefixed), 4.0 (bare) C4.0 (bare), S3.0(prefixed), S5.0 (bare)
border-top-right-radius 1.0 (prefixed), 4.0 (bare) C4.0 (bare), S3.0(prefixed), S5.0 (bare)
box-shadow 3,5 (prefixed), 4.0 (bare) C10.0 (bare), S3.0 (prefixed), S5.1(bare)
box-sizing 1.0 (prefixed) C10.0 (bare), S3.0 (prefixed), S5.1 (bare), W534.12
font-smoothing Not Implemented
padding-start 3.0 (prefixed) C2.0 (prefixed), S3.0 (prefixed), W528.17
tap-highlight-color Not Implemented
text-size-adjust Not Implemented
transform 3.5 (prefixed) C?.? (prefixed), S3.1 (prefixed)
transition-duration 4.0 (prefixed) C1.0 (prefixed), S3.2 (prefixed)
transition-property 4.0 (prefixed) C1.0 (prefixed), S3.2 (prefixed)