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Firefox 68 Platform Layout Release Notes

Noteworthy Changes


All Bugs Fixed

CSS Parsing and Computation

bug 205202 Support ::marker pseudo-element

bug 282126 Fix support for the 'ch' length unit to match spec (fallback for no '0' glyph, vertical metrics)

bug 760345 change 'currentColor' keyword to be a computed value (except for 'color' property)

bug 866102 ellipsis multiple lines text doesn't work (i.e. add support for -webkit-line-clamp)

bug 1312163 Update 'scroll-snap-type' to the latest specification and drop support for 'scroll-snap-type-x' and 'scroll-snap-type-y'

bug 1373832 Implement scroll-padding-* properties

bug 1373833 Implement scroll-margin-* properties

bug 1373835 Implement scroll-snap-align property

bug 1474793 consider sharing UA style sheets across processes

bug 1490401 MediaQueryList::Matches shouldn't need a pres context, but a document instead | matchMedia should work in display:none iframes

bug 1500708 [cssom][css-grid] 'grid-auto-flow: row dense' should serialize to 'dense' since 'row' is implied

bug 1505908 Give stylo rust code the ability to push and pop profiler label frames

bug 1514655 Plaintext documents in subframes (or <object>) don't get word-wrapping

bug 1516780 Loading rust iterator docs feels much slower than in Chrome

bug 1520020 Filter functions, e.g. blur(), brightness(), contrast(), ..., could be used without arguments

bug 1529002 Eclipse demo spends 30-40ms styling 300 elements (transform list conversion from rust to C++)

bug 1529537 ex / ch units incorrectly factor font-weight and other font properties into account.

bug 1529681 Build error: failed to run custom build command for `style v0.0.1

bug 1532471 Let CSS Containment ride the trains to early beta

bug 1533654 urlbar changes to use serif font

bug 1534494 Try to bring some sanity into our font code.

bug 1535165 Cleanup a few other bitfield-valued CSS properties.

bug 1535788 Make the style set owned by the document.

bug 1535874 Crash with failed ";1" instance

bug 1536176 Share LangGroupFontPrefs between documents.

bug 1536451 Start generating bindings again for some types that bindgen can now handle correctly.

bug 1536561 Intermittent tier 2 TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | /css/css-ui/text-overflow-022.html | Testing http://web-platform.test:8000/css/css-ui/text-overflow-022.html == http://web-platform.test:8000/css/css-ui/reference/text-overflow-022-ref.html

bug 1536582 Generate Servo_ binding functions using cbindgen.

bug 1536584 Don't run bindgen twice during the style system build.

bug 1536586 Simplify a bit our rust bindings.

bug 1536718 browser.display.use_document_fonts is not respected

bug 1537575 Cleanup generic font-family handling.

bug 1537576 --enable-warnings-as-errors fails due to -D unused-doc-comments

bug 1537594 Make the -moz-fixed generic family a parse-time alias of monospace.

bug 1537876 Augment CSS parsing errors with the CSS selector from the corresponding rule when applicable

bug 1538101 Don't report CSS errors when valid aliases have already been parsed in the same declaration block

bug 1538589 [css-pseudo] ::marker layout isn't updated after dynamic 'class' change

bug 1538661 Simplify Owned FFI types.

bug 1538694 Simplify reference counted FFI types.

bug 1539267 List items shouldn't just be HTML elements.

bug 1539326 Sync servo stuff.

bug 1539656 Assertion failure: list && !list->IsDirty(), at src/layout/generic/nsBulletFrame.cpp:822

bug 1539926 Permafailing tier 2 /css/css-text/line-breaking/line-breaking-014.html | Testing http://web-platform.test:8000/css/css-text/line-breaking/line-breaking-014.html == http://web-platform.test:8000/css/css-text/line-breaking/reference/line-breaking-01

bug 1540093 Unship line-height: -moz-block-height.

bug 1540220 Cleanup a bit our GetComputedStyle setup.

bug 1540385 CSS selector nth-of-type is broken in SVG use shadow trees.

bug 1540560 Remove a useless UA sheet rule

bug 1541126 Hit MOZ_CRASH(assertion failed: author_styles.quirks_mode == self.as_node().owner_doc().quirks_mode() || author_styles.stylesheets.is_empty() || author_styles.stylesheets.dirty()) at servo/components/style/gecko/

bug 1541320 windows/aarch64 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | /css/CSS2/text/white-space-processing-040.xht | Testing http://web-platform.test:8000/css/CSS2/text/white-space-processing-040.xht == http://web-platform.test:8000/css/CSS2/text/white-space-processing-037-ref.xht

bug 1541542 Update cssparser.

bug 1541546 Use the rust representation of colors in the style system.

bug 1541913 Minor refactorings to use more Rust lengths.

bug 1541952 Move ApplicableStylesChanged() to Document rather than PresShell.

bug 1541959 The text-transform property should support `full-width` and/or `full-size-kana` in combination with one of the case transforms

bug 1542178 Add the concept of resolved values.

bug 1542179 Share more derive code between ToAnimatedValue and ToComputedValue.

bug 1542762 Intermittent layout/style/crashtests/1401692.html | application crashed [@ AddressRadixTree<44ul>::GetSlot(void*, bool)]

bug 1543249 Remove a note about <li value> style mapping that is no longer true

bug 1543304 Add MOZ_DBG support for nsCSSPropertyIDSet

bug 1543398 Hit MOZ_CRASH(not a valid font descriptor) at servo/ports/geckolib/

bug 1543401 Use rust lengths for row-gap / column-gap.

bug 1543672 The counters code should use atoms rather than strings.

bug 1543762 Flush less in cross-document getComputedStyle situations.

bug 1543808 Refactor a bit the selector parser to make Shadow Parts easier.

bug 1543837 Sync servo stuff.

bug 1544535 Shrink a bit the styleset.

bug 1544546 Unfill the styleset and GC the rule tree when the shell gets detached.

bug 1544548 Insert quirks.css later so that we hit the cascade data cache more often.

bug 1544590 Dynamic changes to 'counter-set' doesn't trigger reflow properly

bug 1544886 inherit not working in css var function fallback

bug 1545425 Implement parsing support for the ::part() pseudo.

bug 1545430 Implement selector matching for ::part().

bug 1545440 Don't allow to parse XUL tree pseudo-elements with a single colon.

bug 1545699 Try to remove ServoStyleSet::ReplaceSheets

bug 1547619 :-moz-use-shadow-tree-root pseudo-class code is wrong.

bug 1547674 Use rust types for gradient stops.

bug 1547939 Consider simplifying -moz-linear-gradient parsing

bug 1547985 Use rust types for vertical-align.

bug 1548341 Convert NS_STYLE_BORDER to an enum class in nsStyleConsts.h

bug 1548691 Use rust types for basic shapes.

bug 1549223 [css-grid-2] The 'grid' and 'grid-template' shorthands should not accept a single keyword 'subgrid' as a valid value

bug 1549301 Sync servo stuff.

bug 1549559 Avoid copies of shape data all over the place.

bug 1549589 scroll-snap-coordinate shouldn't use allow_empty=NotInitial.

bug 1549596 Minor servo_arc cleanups.

bug 1549969 ThinArc panics if the iterator is zero-sized.

bug 1550157 Set a pref in the user profile if a userChrome.css or userContent.css file exists in the profile directory

bug 1550377 Use ManuallyDrop in the rust representation of style structs.

bug 1550389 --enable-warnings-as-errors fails due to -D unused-mut with Rust 1.36

bug 1550554 Use OwnedSlice / ArcSlice and such even more.

bug 1551991 Remove nsCSSValue bindings from the style system.

bug 1552329 Update bindgen to v0.49.1

bug 1552344 Add a general test to make sure we return the correct change hint for all css properties in CalcDifference()

bug 1552625 Remove some more individual transform dead code.

bug 1552628 Remove most of nsCSSValue.

CSS Transitions and Animations

bug 1538618 [css-pseudo] implement animation support for ::marker pseudos

bug 1541767 transitioncancel event not fired when removing element from the document

bug 1545689 Intermittent /css/css-transitions/disconnected-element-001.html | Transitions do not run on an element not in the document - assert_equals: No transition should run even after waiting a frame expected "rgb(255, 0, 0)" but got "rgb(254, 0, 0)"

bug 1545707 Cancel events do not fire for transitions/animations when ::marker pseudo elements are no longer rendered

bug 1545781 One of the versions of EffectCompositor::PreTraverse is dead code.

DOM: CSS Object Model

bug 1281135 "disabled=true" not working in link for stylesheet at initial load

bug 1527392 Gecko clamps computed height / width with min/max when there's no box.

bug 1545823 The lack of StyleSheet.rules (instead of cssRules) make videojs player fails (also addRule() and removeRule() )


bug 253889 deCOMtaminate nsIPresShell

bug 1062609 Mochitests Are Unable to Read Realtime Scroll Position with APZ enabled

bug 1141387 Intermittent background-blending-image-color-gif.html | image comparison (==), max difference: 255, number of differing pixels: 10000

bug 1209952 Use-after-poison in nsFloatManager::GetFlowArea (with floats, multicol, and huge width)

bug 1272409 Implement Resize Observer API

bug 1325798 Intermittent css-valuesandunits/unit-vh-vw-overflow-auto.html == css-valuesandunits/unit-vh-vw-overflow-auto-ref.html | image comparison, max difference: 1, number of differing pixels: 4

bug 1346454 Null deref [@ nsContainerFrame::RenumberFrameAndDescendants]

bug 1358759 Intermittent layout/base/tests/test_bug114649.html | got last event - got 410, expected 400

bug 1384646 8,300 instances of "called for non-cluster boundary" emitted from layout/generic/nsTextFrame.cpp during linux64 debug testing

bug 1429605 Simplify rect.Inflate(someLength, someLength) calls to use single-param version

bug 1500314 Consider dropping use of gfxPrefs::DesktopViewportWidth in nsIDocument::GetViewportInfo for a fallback value

bug 1505471 (intersection-observer) intersectionRect not mapped to the document containing the target in iFrames

bug 1517080 Replace the usage of nsFrameItems with nsFrameList

bug 1518802 [Vimeo] The highlights for the options in the drop-down menus are misplaced and have incorrect color/opacity

bug 1518919 Communicate current CSS 'visibility' value to oop-frames

bug 1521253 Intermittent layout/style/test/test_property_syntax_errors.html | Test timed out.

bug 1522443 Intermittent /visual-viewport/viewport-no-resize-event-on-overflow-recalc.html | Resize event not fired at window.visualViewport when content is added - assert_equals: expected false but got true

bug 1526847 ComputeSuitableScaleForAnimation should check other transform-like properties

bug 1528052 Fennec and Geckoview fire resize events on page-load while Chromium does not

bug 1529492 Problem with edit cursor in scaled content editable

bug 1531228 Enable the new scroll snap v1 by default on nightly

bug 1532643 [wayland] CreateWidgetForPopup() needs widget from parent menu on Wayland

bug 1533201 Make InspectorUtils.cssPropertySupportsType take an enum

bug 1534240 Increase the priority of images loaded using CSS

bug 1534399 Assertion failure: aSheet->IsApplicable(), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/layout/style/ServoStyleSet.cpp:624

bug 1534584 Remove deprecated legacy actions from AccessibleCaret tests

bug 1536278 Intermittent windows/aarch64 layout\base\tests\marionette\ <random> | AssertionError: u'Before image 1\nAfter image 1\nBefore image 2\nAfter image 2!' != u'!Before image 1\nAfter image 1\nBefore image 2\nAfter image 2'

bug 1536309 Make it possible to optionally enable frame dumps in layout-debugger in non-DEBUG builds

bug 1536781 Consider lowering paint suppression delay on mobile

bug 1538517 Consider to incrementally slow down frame rate during page load after first contentful paint

bug 1538732 Assertion failure: aState == (mozilla::EventStates(mozilla::EventStates::InternalType(1) << 0)) || aState == (mozilla::EventStates(mozilla::EventStates::InternalType(1) << 2)) || aState == (mozilla::EventStates(mozilla::EventStates::InternalType(1) << 26)

bug 1538794 Content injected with Document.insertAnonymousContent should be able to receive mouse events

bug 1539159 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/obj-firefox/dist/include/nsStyleCoord.h:343:12 in GetUnit

bug 1539171 Automatic list-item increment shouldn't be visible from getComputedStyle().

bug 1539742 Assertion failure: aElement->HasServoData() (Element without Servo data on a post-traversal? How?)

bug 1540198 [DEBUG] Assert that the child frames have the correct parent pointer in SetInitialChildList

bug 1540337 Assert blockFrame is non-nullptr in the beginning of ConstructBlock()

bug 1540561 Resurrect the display-contents-shadow-dom-1.html reftest as a WPT

bug 1540732 Assertion failure: ManagesState(aState) (Unexpected state), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/events/EventStateManager.cpp:5246

bug 1540930 Make nsPresContext use PresShell directly rather than via nsIPresShell

bug 1541137 Preemptively fix all non-unified-build bustage in layout/generic

bug 1541150 Preemptively fix all non-unified-build bustage in layout/base

bug 1541253 Propagate CSS visibility info to descendant documents and use it to tell whether a given nsIFrame is hidden

bug 1541534 Don't include all of nsDisplayList in style.

bug 1542002 Mark list-style-021.xht as fuzzy rather than disabled

bug 1542407 nsIFrame should use mozilla::PresShell directly rather than via nsIPresShell

bug 1542441 Assertion failure: mFloats.ContainsFrame(nif)

bug 1542594 Apply counter-set after counter-increment, not before

bug 1542671 nsLayoutUtils::GetTransformToAncestor documentation contains misinformation

bug 1542933 zoomed in site at first load (about 10 times)

bug 1543308 Add crashtests for bugs fixed before our CI infrastructure was introduced

bug 1543571 More on replacing reflow state with reflow input

bug 1543758 Pseudo-elements should be list items

bug 1544121 size containment should make replaced elements behave as if they were 0x0

bug 1544136 Ship the new scroll snap

bug 1544325 Mouse wheel scrolling in Nightly on Grafana dashboards is highly erratic

bug 1544343 Make layout use mozilla::PresShell directly rather than via nsIPresShell

bug 1544874 ::marker with non-normal content not displayed if ::before or ::after is a list item

bug 1544897 Preemptively fix all non-unified-build bustage in layout/base, layout/generic, layout/build

bug 1544971 provide some more documention about nsView's

bug 1545230 Some gtests in layout/base/gtest are not run on Android

bug 1545239 Update ResizeObserver API to match the up-to-date spec

bug 1545309 Fix the intermittent failure of resize-observer/eventloop.html

bug 1545342 Define all enums for nsIPresShell and mozilla::PresShell in new header file

bug 1545516 long repeated reflows (200-300ms+) on, due to repeated YouTube iframe removals (with layout flush in youtube iframe's pagehide handler, which makes us greedily flush *outer* doc's layout)

bug 1546098 nsRefreshDriver never stops for top-level documents in content processes, burning CPU

bug 1546210 nsHTMLCanvasFrame::ComputeSize has duplicated intrinsic size code

bug 1546223 Cleanup ReflowInput a bit

bug 1546499 Downgrade assertion for unexpected child frame in in nsVideoFrame::Reflow

bug 1546697 Use consistent style for enum classes in layout.

bug 1546739 {inc} Race condition with `min-width:min-content` on `<img>` elements

bug 1547126 Give IntrinsicSize a constructor that initializes both members as nscoord values

bug 1547138 IntrinsicSize shouldn't use nsStyleCoord.

bug 1547261 Crash in [@ mozilla::ReflowInput::InitConstraints]

bug 1547416 Move nsIPresShell::ScrollAxis to PresShellForwards.h

bug 1547418 Make CapturingContentInfo a private struct of PresShell and move APIs for it from nsIPresShell to PresShell

bug 1547536 Make PresShell QI-able

bug 1547621 Move all inline methods of nsIPresShell into mozilla::PresShell

bug 1547792 intrinsic ratio should be represented by a single ratio, not a size.

bug 1547852 Disable dynamic reflow roots after early-beta

bug 1547922 test_dynamic_reflow_root_disallowal.html improvements

bug 1548673 Rename a few macro and variables about intrinsic inline-size

bug 1548809 Don't paint outlines for empty IB-split parts.

bug 1549691 nsLayoutUtils::GetRealPrimaryFrameFor makes no sense

bug 1550595 Intermittent [TV] TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | /visual-viewport/viewport-scrollbars-cause-resize.html | Resize event was fired at window.visualViewport if, and only if, scrollbars are classic (i.e. affect flow) - expected FAIL

bug 1550629 Fix comments where GetAvailableSpace is mentioned

bug 1551065 Quora freezes on the latest nightly (2019-05-11)

bug 1551241 Crash in [@ mozilla::PresShell::SetIsUnderHiddenEmbedderElement]

bug 1551652 Stop using [array] in nsILayoutHistoryState

bug 1552098 add a feature to the Layout Debugger to dump frames with the style rules their computed style matched

bug 1552134 Perma tier2 /intersection-observer/iframe-no-root-with-wrapping-scroller.html | First rAF. - assert_equals: entries[0].rootBounds.right expected 400 but got 980

Layout: Block and Inline

bug 1515124 Crash in InvalidArrayIndex_CRASH | nsGridContainerFrame::ReflowInFragmentainer

Layout: Columns

bug 1411422 Skip pseudo-styled parents when calculating percentage height/width in multicol container

bug 1489295 Support column-span for columns on <button>

bug 1494100 Implement "contain:size" property for ColumnSetWrapperFrame

bug 1533885 Assertion failure: !IsFramePartOfIBSplit(aParentFrame) (We should have wiped aParentFrame in WipeContainingBlock if it's part of IB split!), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/layout/base/nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:10885

bug 1534146 Assertion failure: mOwner == ExpectedOwnerForChild(aFrame) (Missed some frame in the hierarchy?), at src/layout/base/RestyleManager.cpp:2146

bug 1535200 Support column-span for columns on <fieldset>

bug 1539017 use-after-poison in [@ nsIFrame::GetDepthInFrameTree]

bug 1540195 Call InitAndRestoreFrame to ensure we have the parent setup correctly before calling SetInitialSingleChild

bug 1541679 Assertion failure: containingBlock == ibContainingBlock || nsLayoutUtils::IsProperAncestorFrame(containingBlock, ibContainingBlock) (Multi-column containing block should be equal to or be the ancestor of the IB containing block!),

bug 1545328 Some column set frame cleanup

bug 1547086 Enable column-span preference in individual tests to fix existing failures

bug 1547162 Remove the "-moz" prefix for column properties in imported css-multicol tests

bug 1547606 Perma Tier 2 /multicol-span-all-margin-bottom-001.xht | Testing http://web-platform.test:8000/css/css-multicol/multicol-span-all-margin-bottom-001.xht == http://web-platform.test:8000/css/css-multicol/multicol-span-all-margin-bottom-001-ref.xht

bug 1548118 Fix nested column balancing after enabling column-span

bug 1548126 Mark known reftest failures after enabling column-span

bug 1548896 Assertion failure: aSize.width >= 0.0 && aSize.height >= 0.0, at src/layout/base/nsLayoutUtils.cpp:8845

Layout: Flexbox

bug 1503173 Render bug, part of page blank at Homey Developer Documentation (

Layout: Floats

bug 1545558 remove text from divs in orthogonal-floats-1a/1b tests

Layout: Form Controls

bug 505355 input type=file cannot accept focus using javascript

bug 1543161 Simplify <input type="file"> button rules.

bug 1543477 zero-sized file input widgets create a lot of scrollable overflow (if you give them overflow:visible)

Layout: Generated Content, Lists, and Counters

bug 288704 [css-lists] Implement list numbering using a built-in 'list-item' counter

bug 1518201 [css-lists] Implement the counter-set property

Layout: Grid

bug 1531982 Grid API returns incorrect names for reversed implicit areas

bug 1535986 Crash [@ mozilla::ReflowInput::InitAbsoluteConstraints ]

Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames

bug 1395964 Image flash when current source changes

bug 1472637 images flash alt attribute while being fetched

Layout: Scrolling and Overflow

bug 1513090 Remove the HIDDEN_VIEWPORT_OVERFLOW_TYPE telemetry probe

bug 1514843 tall content size "leaks" through size-containment boundary, inside a scrollframe, via min-height:auto and flex-basis:auto

bug 1534070 scroll-padding and scroll-margin should be applied even if the scroller element's scroll-snap-type is none

bug 1535232 Element.focus() should scroll to the position where scroll-margin and scroll-padding values are factored into

bug 1538511 Extract nsIScrollableFrame::ScrollMode into its own file

bug 1544060 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/obj-firefox/dist/include/mozilla/RefPtr.h in StylePadding

bug 1544198 Don't apply scroll-snap-type on body element to the root scroll frame

bug 1546038 snap area should contain scroll-margin areas

bug 1546057 Don't snap back if scrollTo (or APZC) tries to scroll to positions where the positions are out of scrollable area and if snapping target elements covers the snapport

bug 1546835 scroll-snap-align: start on RTL is wrong

bug 1551806 Don't try to snap somewhere when there is no valid snap point exists

bug 1552089 Programmatic scroll doesn't omit snap target elements which are outside of snapport in RTL scroll container

Layout: Tables

bug 1118168 Print preview crash when changing layout. [@ BCMapCellInfo::SetColumn(int) ] and [@ nsTableFrame::CalcBCBorders() ]

Layout: Text and Fonts

bug 197649 support Unicode combining characters

bug 723045 get rid of nsUnicodeRange

bug 1283222 Unwanted line-break opportunities at out-of-flow frames [was: Commas wrapped to beginning of line with text-align: justify]

bug 1463161 emoji ligatures in Twemoji Mozilla font decompose when letter-spacing is applied

bug 1465771 On Linux, a quoted font-family name may be incorrectly treated as a CSS generic-family

bug 1479760 Font Highlighter changes color when interacting with page

bug 1507744 word-break: break-all on an inline doesn't cause breaks

bug 1514869 Share the platform font list and associated metadata/character maps between processes

bug 1529241 Ligated emoji sequences like 👨‍💻 may get wrapped to a new line

bug 1532868 UBSan: left shift of negative value in include/mozilla/FontPropertyTypes.h:101:2

bug 1533395 Refactor gfxTextRange to better match how it's actually used

bug 1533428 Rearrange some code to prepare for cross-process shared font list

bug 1533448 Create a shared-memory-friendly version of gfxSparseBitSet to store font character coverage

bug 1534693 Stop searching font families in GlobalFontFallback once we've found a match

bug 1545177 Assertion failure: thisName.Equals(entryName), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/gfx/thebes/gfxUserFontSet.h:162

bug 1545859 set gfx.font_ahem_antialias_none=true for all reftests

bug 1547455 constructor for gfxFontCacheExpirationTracker should be explicit

bug 1547914 Compile error in gfx/thebes/gfxDWriteFontList.cpp(937,30): error: use of undeclared identifier 'mBundledFonts' (busting Thunderbird builds on Windows)

bug 1549728 word-break: break-all does not work when applied to a fragment within a word

bug 1550532 Suppress auto-hyphenation for Capitalized words [was: Don’t hyphenate proper nouns in English]

Print Preview

bug 1529071 Convert printPreview.dtd to Fluent using conversion script

bug 1552478 Stop printpreview_bug396024_helper.xul creating a print preview viewer in a normal document window

Printing: Setup

bug 1319116 firefox print settings for header and footer not remembered

bug 1549541 Remove nsPrintSettingsImpl mPrintPreview

bug 1549844 DeCOMtaminate some nsPrintJob methods

bug 1551333 Rename nsIPrintingPromptService methods to make them more searchable

bug 1551538 Rename and document nsPrintJob::AfterNetworkPrint (to ResumePrintAfterResourcesLoaded)

bug 1551559 Make nsIDocShell::setIsPrinting [noscript]

bug 1551688 Make it clearer that nsIContentViewer.setPageMode() is for testing only by renaming it

bug 1551882 Refactor the print preview listener code to make its purpose clear

bug 1551946 Refactor nsPrintJob::CheckForPrinters

bug 1551950 Rename nsPrintJob::SetDocAndURLIntoProgress to SetURLAndTitleOnProgressParams

bug 1552162 Fix unified build bustage in nsPrintObject.cpp

bug 1552449 Make the nsIDocShell interface to print preview less susceptible to inadvertent misuse


bug 608812 Outer <SVG> element should snap to pixel coordinates

bug 874811 clientWidth and clientHeight on outermost <svg> elements are always 0

bug 937268 SVG 2 textPath/tspan getBBox method broken

bug 951904 Assertion failure: false (should have already reflowed the kid), at /src/layout/svg/SVGTextFrame.cpp:5224

bug 972041 SVG getScreenCTM does not account for CSS transforms

bug 1073207 SVG getScreenCTM ignores padding, border

bug 1133175 remove SVGTests.hasExtension

bug 1247218 svg: "vector-effect: non-scaling stroke" has no effect within a <g> that has a css transform

bug 1323962 CSS transforms are not supported in indirectly rendered things such as masks, markers, patterns or clip-paths

bug 1342800 SVG invalid scaling inside IFrame due to ignored width/height

bug 1370646 Font would not be scaled

bug 1372537 In svg.css, change the display rule of symbol element from "none" to "none !important"

bug 1512745 SVG 2 relaxes attribute parsing for lengths, angles and integers to allow leading and trailing whitespace

bug 1523343 SVG: Null/any transform causes translation in X axis

bug 1524901 SVG aspect ratio not preserved when used as background-image, but is in Chrome.

bug 1529182 Intermittent svg/text-stroke-scaling-02a.html == svg/text-stroke-scaling-02-ref.html | image comparison, max difference: 59, number of differing pixels: 1

bug 1531890 SVG: clip path on a clip path doesn't seem to work sometimes

bug 1533491 CSS "clip-path" doesn't work (clips everything?) inside marker

bug 1535388 Assertion failure: aScriptGlobalObject || !mAnimationController || mAnimationController->IsPausedByType( SMILTimeContainer::PAUSE_PAGEHIDE | SMILTimeContainer::PAUSE_BEGIN) (Clearing window pointer while animations are unpaused), at /builds/worker/workspa

bug 1535517 Assertion failure: !nsSVGUtils::OuterSVGIsCallingReflowSVG(this) (do not call ScheduleReflowSVGNonDisplayText when the outer SVG frame is under ReflowSVG)

bug 1536892 crash near null in [@ mozilla::SVGGeometryFrame::GetCanvasTM]

bug 1537708 flag NS_STATE_IS_OUTER_SVG is redundant

bug 1539318 Assertion failure: false (should have already reflowed the kid), at src/layout/svg/SVGTextFrame.cpp:4828

bug 1540408 Move nsSVGLength2 and nsSVGNumber2 into the mozilla namespace

bug 1540703 Should also reflow SVGTextFrame for non-display active child of switch element

bug 1541021 getBoundingClientRect() doesn't count css transform on SVG element

bug 1542714 nsSVGUtils::GetUserToCanvasTM is no longer needed

bug 1543577 Remove aImageSize parameter from nsLayoutUtils::DrawBackgroundImage

bug 1544209 getBoundingClientRect returns wrong result for <tspan> when SVG transform is applied on <text>

bug 1544270 Some stylistic change

bug 1546636 clip-path: fill-box clips everything

bug 1547209 Compute transform matrix directly in GetTransformMatrixInUserSpace and better document its purpose

bug 1548985 Assertion failure: !intrinsicSize.width (GetIntrinsicSize should have reported no intrinsic width), at src/layout/svg/nsSVGOuterSVGFrame.cpp:320

bug 1550403 Drop call to Servo_Property_IsAnimatable in SMILCSSProperty::IsPropertyAnimatable

bug 1551137 <svg:animateMotion> cloned in <svg:use> doesn't work