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2015 Whistler ligthning talks

At Whistler 2015, we recorded some lightning talks of the Platform Operations teams (Automation and tools, Release Engineering, Release Operations, Developer Services)

Here's the list of talks:

  1. webmock - dustin
  2. runner dashboards - mrrrgn
  3. Brief introduction to Mozilla CI tools - armenzg
  4. SETA (search for extraneous test automation) - kmoir
  5. Platform Jenkins - sydpolk/maja_zf (2 presenters, 10 minutes)
  6. ActiveData - ekyle
  7. Treeherder Python Client Library (wlach)
  8. Dating our developers - ahal
  9. Intro to RRA & Incident Response - hwine (how to make it painless)
  10. Using files for fun and profit

The video recording is publicly available in here.


  • Jump straight to minute 1:50 to see mrrrgn's presentation
  • dustin's presentation was recorded mid-way and it only shows up in minute 0:50.
  • It took a bit to set my laptop properly and realize that I should not type on it. My apologies!