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March 2010 - CrossBrowserRelease

Plugin Check Page

The Plugin Check page and Plugin Directory have been updated with the following features...

Cross Browser Support

We're adding full plugin check support for:

  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Opera 10.5
  • Safari 4
  • Chrome 4

We can add new data for unknown plugins into the Plugin Directory

IE support

We're adding support to IE 7 and 8 for the following plugins: Java, Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Shockwave, BrowserPlus, DevalVR, Silverlight, VLC

Other plugins will not be detected, as we have to write plugin specific code each time. patches welcome.

Other browsers:

We'll do our best... but display a warning. Example: Microb on n900 "works" for some value of works.

Unrecognized Plugins or Odd status while testing?

Unrecognized Plugsin - check to see if they existing in and that they are pushed 'live'.

New debug/test tool will help you debug why a plugin is unrecognized or to test the pfs2 API.

Scroll down to a plugin and click the test link.

app_id *

This app is data driven. make sure that the plugin release has an app_id, os, etc of '*', unless there is a good reason to make specific releases. If there is no release for say Opera 10.5 on Mac OS X, then the plugin will show up as Unknown. A release for * * * will match 'em all.

2 new Status

  • Maybe Outdated
  • Maybe Vulnerable

New Warning Copy

We need to put some caveats into the plugincheck page to explain the limitations of the service. bug 551524 has the exact copy and rules for what is shown

Web Badges

Updated to work across browsers. Don't forget to test these guys. Notes: bug 551594 - IE plugincheck and WebBadge prompts for Addon execution and falsely tells you your clean

Plugdir Notes

Please use the fairly new Plugin Directory app while QAing these changes. You can now mess with the plugin data directly to fix issues or test corner cases by faking data. It's stage and won't end up in production, so have at it!


This just on www-trunk. auth stage and prod will require coordinating when we update the PFS2 endpoint and making sure it supports https. I've filed bug 551338 to add https to prod plugindir