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What worked

  • SVN
  • Cake PHP
  • Unit Testing
  • feedback in dev cycle
  • Borad contribution
  • document what we did and how to roll out
  • communication on where we are
  • staging and previews
  • got better performance understanding
  • memcache + ns worked well
  • eventually called a slip
  • l10n infra

Things we need to improve

  • Weekly progress meetings needed from project mgmt standpoint
    • Improved with basecamp
  • Should develop more incramentally (too much done all at once)
  • Better testing equivalent (load)
  • develop app and infra together
  • need better overall system knowledge
  • better prod diagnostics
  • better functional testing
  • perf/scalability architecture
  • Once we got into slipped deadlines things got tough "release mode"
  • Cakephp
  • preview out sooner
  • need open development server (that anyone can access)
  • communicate better globally
  • communicate policy changes earlier (i.e. sandbox)
  • Define important policy rules upfront
  • checklist for release and design process for changes
  • release date set with enough data

What do we do from here

Other Ideas for change: