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Privacy Council Meeting - Bug Triage Session

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


  • Shane Caraveo
  • Stacy Martin
  • Allison Naaktgeboren
  • Rob Wood

Meeting Minutes

Thank you Allison for taking minutes!

triage meeting

 - how do we triage these?
   - no wiki for triage process
   - ACTION create one, preferably with other privacy documentation
 - triage process
   - use priority flags
     p1 on fire, high priority
     p2 really needs to get done, but after p1s
     p3 should do, but no timeline
   - whiteboard flags
     waiting - blocked or waiting for something
   - make sure there is a comment indicating where the decision of priority came from
       (eg from the privacy council triage)
     wait until needinfo clears with response before assigning priority
       - lots of bugs 1+ old. did a lot of NEEDINFOing with "privacy triage: Is this bug still valid?"


 - Allison to teach Stacy basic+medium bugzilla fu before next meeting
   - love thy dashboard!
 - Stacy to schedule followup meeting to finish triage (scheduled for 03/12/14)
 - ?? create a section on a wiki to cover how triage works.
 - Stacy to update the Cloud Vendor list to include date reviewed and Bug #