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Mozilla Privacy Friends (MPF)

The Mozilla Privacy Friends program is an interdisciplinary group of privacy professionals who will help Mozilla navigate the increasingly murky waters associated with privacy and our appropriate handling of the personal information we collect, use and store about our employees, members, users, and contributors.

We are asking each group across Mozilla to identify and name a person to be their designated Mozilla Privacy Friend (MPF). The role of an MPF will be to champion privacy within your group and support your activities with specialized expertise. This person will also be your primary person to interface with our privacy and legal teams to oversee and manage any support that you need on privacy and data management.

Having a distributed, dedicated team of privacy-knowledgeable people, embedded in their respective groups across an organization is the one thing that differentiates an organization and puts it in a leadership position. No core, centralized privacy team can be fully effective on its own, especially in those parts of the organization where there's rapid change/innovation/ideation underway. It's also much more practical to train engineers, developers, IT, HR, marketing people on privacy than to have to find privacy professionals expert in each discipline.

Over time, the primary benefit of this governance model is that you and your team will enhance its awareness, processes and controls relevant to privacy in your day-to-day activities. This reduces risk, cost and time-consuming bureaucracy, as well as helps us to be more consistent across the organization.

The MPF role is generally a part-time role that a person agrees to fulfill. In some cases, the group may have a full-time person or even a team dedicated to privacy. It's hard to generalize on how much time each person will spend on privacy, as it will vary based on your group's activities, but it shouldn't be much more than an hour a week for coordination and communication, and then time required to undertake privacy activities within your group (e.g., reviewing a privacy policy, engaging in discussions, etc.). We encourage you to think about the role as a tour of duty, such that you rotate it around your team.

See the Privacy Friends Program slides from the September 2011 All Hands for more details.


Functional Areas

Area Mozilla Privacy Friend
Engagement Winston Bowden, Stacy Martin
Firefox David Dahl
QA James Bonacci, Tracy Walker, Marcia Knous
Product Security Sid Stamm, Camilo Viecco, Monica Chew, Garrett Robinson
Services Ally Naaktgeboren
Finance Alan Chang
Identity, User Data Ben Adida
Support Cheng Wang
Product Design Shane Caraveo
Data & Product Council Jishnu Menon, Desiree Almendral, Kristin Williams, Denelle Dixon-Thayer
Join Mozilla Lead Benjamin Simon, Bobby Richter
IT/Systems Dave Miller
IT/Special Ops Zandr Milewski,
Recruiting Kym Lee
HR Systems Admin Erica McClure
Firefox Asa Dotzler
Product Management Deb Richardson
Firefox User Experience Alexander Limi
Metrics TBD
WebDev Chris More
Channel I/O Joanne Nagel
Infrastructure Security Yvan Boily
User Experience Jinghua Zhang, Cori Schauer, Gregg Lind
Air Mozilla Richard Milewski


Privacy Guidelines Documents - Due Nov 11

A good first initiative for each friend will be to develop a draft guideline for his/her group based on Mozilla's Privacy Principles. (by end of Q4). Click on the name of the Privacy Friend in the above list to view their document.

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