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At Mozilla, six core privacy principles (link needed) guide our data practices and operations. This page is designed to help you apply the principles to the collection, use, storage, and sharing of photos, videos or voice recordings taken of the Mozilla Community, for purposes such as phonebook, profile pictures, or event photos.

Mozilla's six privacy principles apply to photos in the following key ways:

  • Offering as much notice and choice as possible - Providing clear notices at events where photos will be taken, obtaining individual permission for any promotional use, and offering and honoring some form of opt-out for those who don't want their photos posted. If you're planning to share the photos or make them public, was that clear to the photo subjects?
  • Thinking about how long you need to keep the photos.

Uses for Photos or Videos

  • Mozilla websites and blogs - to highlight community involvement (ex: Manifesto page)
  • Flckr pages to share photos from Mozilla events
  • Mozilla social media sites, such as Facebook
  • Contributor Interviews
  • Personal stories on the Get Involved page
  • Recap or compilation videos
  • Weekly video updates

Photos or Videos at Events

As also noted in the Events wiki:

  • Place a notice on your event registration page, letting participants know that there will be photos and/or videos taken at the events, what they will be used for, where they will be posted, and how long they will be kept.
  • Provide clear notice that other attendees may also be posting and tagging photos on sites such as YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook or Mozilla websites and blogs.
  • Where possible, include an opt-out for those who don't want their images posted. You will need to think through the process for honoring these opt-outs.
  • For individuals taking photos at events, please be mindful of privacy. Photograph with permission and provide an indication of what you plan to do with the photos and whether they will be public access (ex: posting to a public Flickr site).
    • Once the photos are posted to a Flickr site, does Mozilla need the photographer's permission to use them?
  • Participants should sign a photo or video release when.....
  • Forms may be signed prior to the event, at the event, and in some cases after the event, but always before any content is posted or shared. Video permission may be obtained on camera.
  • If you are identifying a person on a video or a photo, limit personal information to first name(s) and location (city or country, as appropriate), unless permission has been obtained to use first and last name.

Use of Community Photos on Mozilla Webites and for Other Promotional Purposes

  • Photos should be used with the permission of (1) the person(s) in the photo and (2) the photographer.
  • Consider blurring photos so as not to reveal identity.
  • Web developers who would like to use phonebook photos, Mozillians profile photos or Mozilla Reps profile photos can check the "Famous Photo Star" group on for those who have already given their permission. They can also reach out directly to individuals to request permission.
  • Expect that the person you're sharing the photo with may ask you to verify that you've gotten permission.

Photos in Profiles

  • Photos on are optional and visibility can be set to either Mozillians or Public in the "Edit Profile" section.
  • Permission to use profile photos for promotional purposes can be granted through the "Famous Photo Star" group on, or by contacting the individual directly.

Photos in the Staff Phonebook

  • Photos are optional except for security purposes.
  • Permission to use photos from for promotional purposes can be granted through the "Famous Photo Star" group on, or by contacting the individual directly.

Photos on Mozilla Reps

  • Photos from the Mozilla Reps Portal are ....?
  • Permission to use Mozilla Reps profile photos for promotional purposes can be granted through the "Famous Photo Star" group on, or by contacting the individual directly.

Other sources for photos

  • If there are other sources for photos that aren't listed here, please let us know. Contact stacy at mozilla dot com.

Sample Text

  • I agree that Mozilla can use this photograph to promote [insert name of event] events, and that those in the photograph have also given their consent.
  • Note: In the spirit of community, photos and/or videos may be taken by Mozilla and/or other participants at this event and posted/shared at a later date.
   ___I prefer not to have my image included, where possible. 
  • The PR team is sharing volunteer portraits with local press outlets to help them understand what Mozilla is all about -- you! To do that, we need your help. Please complete this brief questionnaire describing your contributor experience at Mozilla. Submit your responses before MozCamp begins. We will be in touch with further instructions after you complete the survey. We will not share your information with any press outlets without your expressed consent.
  • If you would like to remain off camera, please avoid common areas from Xpm-Ypm. The reporter would also like to take candids of us doing the thing we do best (working!). If for any reason you are not comfortable with you and your workspace being photographed, please let us know and we'll do our best to make sure you're off camera.