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What's the Project?

NNEDV is the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Their Annual Technology Summit is in late July and they've requested a safe browser guide/tutorial that covers all browsers - to help domestic violence victims understand how to protect themselves online.

This project is to create Browser Safety and Privacy: A Guide for Survivors.


Launch date is TBD, following NNEDV's 2nd Annual Technology Summit in July 2014 in San Jose, CA.


In 2013 and 2014, Mozilla was a sponsor of NNEDV's Annual Technology Summit. In 2013, we presented a workshop on browser privacy, where the idea to launch a cross-browser safe browsing guide/tutorial was formed.

Other Ways to Help

  • Work with NNEDV to host Maker Parties through their network focused on teaching privacy and security on the web to victims of domestic violence.
  • Convert the safe browsing guide into a privacy teaching kit format so that NNEDV's network can teach it to other trainers (train-the-trainer) and/or survivors
  • Work with NNEDV to benchmark their network program so that we can learn from it as we build our contributor programs
  • Teach browser safety to survivors in your area
  • Create a badge for teaching safe browsing to advocates and survivors
  • Others? Please share your ideas.

How to Get Involved

Please contact stacy at mozilla dot com.

Getting Started