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Six core privacy principles guide our data practices and operations. These principles stem from the Mozilla Manifesto . They are documented at Do not edit this page without permission.

No Surprises

Only use and share information about our users for their benefit and as disclosed in our notices.

Real Choices

Give our users actionable and informed choices by informing and educating at the point of collection and providing a choice to opt-out whenever possible.

Sensible Settings

Establish default settings in our products and services that balance safety and user experience as appropriate for the context of the transaction.

Limited Data

Collect and retain the least amount of information necessary for the feature or task. Try to share anonymous aggregate data whenever possible, and then only when it benefits the web, users, or developers

User Control

Do not disclose personal user information without the user’s consent. Advocate, develop and innovate for privacy enhancements that put people in control over their information and online experiences.

Trusted Third Parties

Make privacy a key factor in selecting and interacting with partners.