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What's the Project?

The privacy team is working with SUMO to create some support pages for people who have privacy-related questions. Some of pages may be new content. Others may be a centralized hub with links to existing content (ex: product related privacy questions already covered in product support pages).

We're calling this project SUMO Privacy Content, or SUPriMO for short and we invite you to join us!


We need help with this immediately. We'd like to launch as soon as possible and hope to have our initial pages launched during the month of August.

How to Help

There are three primary ways to help - brainstorming categories, finding existing content, and creating new content.

Brainstorm privacy support categories

  • What types of things do our users want to know? Add to this initial list.
    • Product Features
    • Law Enforcement Requests
    • How to Unsubscribe
    • How to Change Email Address
    • Receiving Email without getting it blocked
    • Suspected Information Leaks
    • Thunderbird Support
    • Eliminating Ads
    • Deletion Request
    • Reset/Forgotten Username or Password
    • Password Change
    • Privacy Settings and Add-Ons
    • How Geolocation Works
    • How Google Analytics Works
    • Automatic Data Collection
    • Download Requests - what's legitimate?

Search existing SUMO content

  • Help us find existing content by adding more links to this list.

Help us write new content

  • Choose a category from the list, verify the lack of existing content, and send us a draft.


  • Help translating, or even filing l10n bugs for translations.

Who to Contact

  • Please contact stacy at mozilla dot com or ahua at mozilla dot com.

Getting Started

  • View the existing SUMO content in the links above; help us find more; brainstorm privacy support categories; write new content.