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Teach Privacy with TACMA

The award winning documentary, “Terms and Conditions May Apply” can help spark questions and discussions around online privacy. Because we think this film can help us spread the word about why privacy matters and how Mozilla can help, Mozilla has worked with the film distributor, Ro*co Films, to help make the movie available for public screening internationally by funding a limited number of screening licenses.

We have created this pilot program to explore nominating locations for site licenses of the documentary. This program serves to raise the level of public discourse on the topic of web privacy as well as directing potential contributors to the Mozilla community. Requirements are below.

Participation Requirements

  • Locations ideal for this project include universities, libraries, Mozilla offices, churches, recreation centers, parks, and other community-accessible places which could meet the steward and screening requirements.
  • Locations must have a Film Steward and a Mozilla Steward (may apply without one, but license won’t be granted until both are located)
  • Film Steward is responsible arranging screenings at their university or community location several times each year (ex: 2-4 times a year).
  • Mozilla Steward is responsible for helping to ensure that the film is being shown on a regular basis and involving the local Mozilla community in the screening activities.
  • Stewards are responsible for passing along the mantle for their location license if they move or otherwise end association with the location.
  • Stewards may be included on a map, index or directory, either through curated group.

Organizing a TACMA screening

Organizing the screening is very simple. Film Stewards will be responsible for organizing and promoting the screening at their institution. The screening can be from a projector, a TV screen, or other viewing means. The Film Steward should be in touch with the local Mozilla Steward to coordinate the local Mozilla community’s involvement in helping to advertise for the screening, usher, possibly provide refreshments and Mozilla gear, and answer questions from the audience about Mozilla.

How to Learn More About the Film

  • For individual viewing, the film is available through Netflix and Amazon.
  • View a preview on YouTube

Who Can Be a Steward?

Mozilla Stewards can be a Mozilla Rep, Mozilla volunteer, or Firefox Student Ambassador. (Mozilla Steward will help ensure that the film is being shown on a regular basis and engage the local Mozilla community to participate in the Q&A session.)

Film Stewards should be a staff or faculty member of the library, university, or other community organization. (Film Steward will help arrange regular showings, 2-4 per year, of the film and help with the Q&A sessions that follow the film.)

Both stewards should plan to find a replacement for themselves if they are no longer able to participate.

How Do I Apply?

We will add a link here once the application process is ready.

Key Benefits to Mozilla Community

  • An opportunity to educate on issues that are important to the web and Mozilla.
  • An opportunity to make potential volunteers aware of how to get involved with Mozilla.
  • See how Jeff Beatty tested this approach in November 2013.

Key Benefits for libraries, universities and other community organizations

  • An opportunity for community education
  • Associating the organization with expertise on the issues
  • Creating a technical cultural center which can be expanded through additional opportunities that were previously not possible

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Become a film or Mozilla steward
  • Find a community/university staff film steward
  • Assist with film screenings and post-screening Q&A sessions
  • Help create a map, index or directory of stewards and locations.
  • Create a post-screening Q&A script
  • Work with the Mozilla Foundation’s Maker Party team to create a TACMA Teaching Kit via Maker Party project and/or work with the film team to create a “teaching kit” around the film that includes a post-screening Q&A script
    • help let people know that they can host these as part of the maker party
  • Create an application process for Moz Reps
  • Host the Mozilla office pilot at a Mozilla Space near you
    • movie night with Q&A



Why can’t I just purchase the DVD and schedule a showing?

Public screenings of a film require a special license.

How have we tested this?

Jeff Beatty, a Mozilla Rep in Utah, tested this model with a slightly different licensing approach in November 2013. He worked through a US-based company called Tugg to handle the public distribution rights for the documentary. Working directly with the film distributor allows us to expand globally.

If my application to be a steward is approved, How will I get a copy of the film? will the dvd be shipped to me?

Yes, a DVD will be shipped to the Mozilla office or community location (University, school, church, library, community center etc.) that will own the license.

Is there a limit to the number of times the film can be screened?

No, the license includes an unlimited number of screenings in that location.

What happens when the steward fails to screen the film twice a year?

The Mozilla Steward will be asked to work with the community location to identify a new Film Steward, in order to uphold the commitment the community organization made when Mozilla purchase the license for them.

Can the Mozilla Steward screen the film at locations other than the organisation that was listed in the application? Or is the license for *specific* sites?

No, the license is for unlimited screenings at a specific site, so it can not be shown elsewhere. It is important to identify a community partner institution that the Mozilla Steward feels will remain a long term partner.