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  • Privacy by Design
  • Friday, November 15, 2013
  • 1-2pm PST
  • Mozilla's Mountain View Office, 10 Fwd
  • View live or recorded on Air Mozilla

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear from one of the leading privacy experts in the world.

Join Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada as she shares her practical approach to building privacy into the engineering process.

While most engineers feel they have a strong sense of privacy in the implementation, many may not have a strong sense of privacy design. They may not ask, "Where does this data go and when does it go away? How can a user get rid of this? And when?" Yet, the design phase will have the most impact and answering these questions early can save money and time.

Dr. Cavoukian seeks to eliminate the zero sum mindset – to show how you don’t have to give up privacy to have innovation. The complaint she hears from engineers is that no one has taken the time to break it down into the component pieces and give examples of innovative solutions. Engineers tell her, “If we were given these instructions at the time we started writing the code, it would be a better solution.”

On Friday, November 15th, from 1-2pm in MTV 10 Fwd, Dr. Cavoukian will present:

Privacy by Design – Leading the Way to Preserving Our Freedoms, Minimizing Surveillance

Session Outline (followed by Q&A):

   Privacy = Control
   Change the Paradigm to Positive-Sum
   Privacy by Design: The Gold Standard
   Do Not Track
   Engaging Engineers and Innovators
   Privacy-Protective Surveillance

Please mark your calendars now and don’t miss this important opportunity to change the paradigm for privacy and innovation.

Awards and Honors:

Dr. Cavoukian spoke to 2,000 engineers at the Adobe Annual Tech Summit and published a paper with Oracle. She is a pioneer in advancing the bottom-line business need for companies to have strong privacy practices. Businesses across North America and Europe regularly seek her advice and guidance on privacy and data protection issues. She has been involved in numerous international committees focused on privacy, technology and business, including the Oasis Technical Committee, an international standards body that is in the process of creating a privacy playbook for software engineers. Her groundbreaking books on privacy include: “The Privacy Payoff - How Successful Businesses Build Customer Trust” and “Who Knows: Safeguarding Your Privacy in a Networked World.”


   2011 – Top 25 Women of Influence (Women of Influence Inc.)
   2011 – Information Access and Protection of Privacy Award (University of Alberta)
   2011 – Privacy Professional of the Year (SC Congress)
   2011 – Kristian Beckman Award (IFIP)
   2008 – Privacy Hero and Leadership Award (WiredSafety)
   2007 – Top 100 most powerful women in Canada (Women’s Executive Network)
   2007 – Dr. Barbara Wand Award (Ontario Psychological Association)
   2006 – Outstanding contribution to the protection of privacy rights in Ontario (Ontario Bar Association)
   2006 – IABC All-Star speaker (International Association of Business Communicators)
   2005 – Privacy Innovation Award (International Association of Privacy Professionals)
   2003 – Privacy Manager of the Year (Privacy Manager Magazine)

Memberships and Affiliations:

   Chair, IPSI Advisory Board
   International Biometric Advisory Council
   IBM Privacy Management Council
   European Biometrics Forum
   Future of Privacy Forum
   RIM Council
   Accuvant Advisory Board
   Distinguished Fellow of the Ponemon Institute
   Women of Influence

Fun Fact: Dr. Cavoukian is the sister of the well-known Canadian children's entertainer Raffi and Onnig Cavoukian (commonly called "Cavouk"), a well-known photographer.

For more on Privacy by Design, see If you'd like to read Dr. Cavoukian's December 2012 paper, "Operationalizing Privacy by Design: A Guide to Implementing Strong Privacy Practices", it is available on her site for free download.