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General Goals

Crashes & Stability

  • [DONE] Delivering a clear prioritized list of engineering requirements for the improving crash analysis to the Socorro team.
    • Ensuring these are scheduled into Socorro releases and tracked.
    • Regular sychs with the Socorro team.
    • In reality this is ongoing since we have a continual stream of requirements. We did take a snapshot of issues in bugzilla, prioritize those and get the Socorro to assign to scheduled releases. We have a pipeline for future requests so I am declaring victory here.
  • [DONE] Framework and process for monitoring and communicating stability information that supports the new rapid release model.
    • Wiki pages for keep track of top crashes and issues for each channel.
    • Regular stability reports and summaries for channel meetings.
    • We are doing well on this but I will likely make some changes for Q3.
  • [DONE] Evaluation and assessment of an algorithm for detecting explosive crashes. Once vetted, this will be integrated into Socorro. bug 629062
    • See how the algorithm performs during the FF5 release cycle and tweak appropriately.
    • We are working on getting this integrate with Socorro.
  • [MISSED] Initial discussions and thinking around how to handle content and jetpack crashes.
    • bug 578687
    • Not much accomplished here but it's on Kairo's radar for Q3.
  • [MISSED] Put in place a more concrete plan on how to make progress on some of the harder crashes ie: malware, plugins.
    • We did a great job with browser crashes for FF4 but need to have a similar push for dealing with plugin issues and harder problems.
    • Try and give these initiatives more focus - regular discussions with outreach folks.
    • I think we need to bite off a smaller goal for Q3.


  • [DONE] Setup framework/process for managing channel related activities.
    • This is really a shared goal with Christian. It really means getting a good rhythm in place for tracking what's going on for the Beta and Aurora channels.
    • Organizing meetings, notes, communications.
    • Aurora Channel
    • Beta Channel
  • [MISSED] More synergy with other program and project managers
    • This is hard to evaluate goals and success on.
    • Schedule regular meetups to exchange information.
    • IRC channel for PMs.
    • Integrating more PMs into the organizaion.



  • [DONE] e10s - getting things moving
    • Working closely with Johnath and Bsmedberg to get this moving forward.
    • Goals on my side would be to ensure the team is meeting regularly, some feature pages to track work, milestones outlined.
    • We may not have anything implemented by the end of Q2 but we should have a well-formed plan and strategy.