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Meeting Notes


  • Asa, Chris Lee, Blizzard, Martin, Alex, Deb (part)

Wiki Pages

Quick references for the pages we were looking at...


  • We reviewed features currently targeted (or we think should land) for Firefox 10
    • Desktop Features
    • Platform Features for both desktop and mobile.
    • Reviewed Platform top priorities as well as features by team we think will make it in FF10.
    • We DID NOT review any front-end mobile features since there was no mobile product management participation.
  • We didn't go into too much detail about status but centered the discussion around likelyhood to land in FF10 and what level of tracking we think is needed.

Desktop Features

  • We didn't cover everything since some stuff like Silent Update we have handled
  • Migrate chrome settings and data (smooney)
    • mkato - volunteer
    • needs some tracking
  • New theme (smooney)
    • Still working on design - probably a design goal for FF10.
  • Web apps integration on desktop (lmandel)
    • Needs some help and a DRI - spec'd out.
  • Responsiveness (lmandel)
    • No specific targets for FF10
    • Crafting goals as part of work on quality programs.
  • Ability to clean up user profile (smooney)
    • Michael Verdi is DRI but not sure of progress.

Platform Features

Top Priorities

  • SPDY (lmandel or mbest)
    • Landed for FF10 but won't ship with it turned on - pref'd off.
    • Has feature page
    • Pat McManus working on this
    • Blizzard has been tracking this but needs a DRI to pay attention.
  • 3D CSS Transforms (mbest)
    • Has landed for FF10 - it's BIG
    • Not sure if there is a feature page, probably just a list of bugs bug 505115
    • Will need to be tracked closely for stability, security, bugs
    • Needs DRI - lots of stuff to track
  • Full screen API (mbest)
    • Off by default and shipped in FF8
    • Needs security review
    • Needs security design work
    • Chris Pierce working on this.
    • Needs a DRI to coordinate stuff
  • Plugin Steels Focus (smooney)
    • Top Accessibility bug
    • Top UX bug
    • Recently made this a P1 but will likely run into resource issues here
    • Not sure if there is any change we can get this in FF10
    • Needs someone to figure out if this is doable


  • Ability to take picture from web page
    • Blizzard currently the DRI
  • Offline app support
    • Big collection of bugs to drive
    • Not all possible in FF10 but would like to see progress
    • Could use help driving this list down.
  • IndexedDB items
    • Making progress


  • Blizzard not really sure of the status of all the graphics stuff.
  • Need to talk to JP for up to date status on what's going to land in FF10.


  • Text readability issue (smooney)
    • Need constant updates
    • Asa identified another bug he thought was even more critical - he will send that out.

Real time audio/video stuff

  • ROC owns this team
  • No firm plan yet, needs spec work
  • Still staffing in product to help with this.
  • Continue to work on stuff.
  • Will need PM help eventually.

Mobile platform

  • TouchEvents part 2 (elancaster)
  • Flash (elancaster)
    • Still working a couple of angles here.


  • SPDY (discussed above)
  • Websockets
    • Need to find out if it's all landed.
  • HTTP pipelining (lmandel or mbest)
    • Pat working on this once he's done with SPDY.
    • Needs coordination across dev
    • Testing
    • Involves deploying a service


  • Plugin keyboard focus

Next Week