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Projects & Programs



  • [DONE] Provide management assistance running meetings
  • [DROPPED] Identify 4Q goals for project and track short term goals to completion

Silent Update

  • [DONE] Manage effort running weekly meetings
  • [DONE] Engage with Engagement, Product Management, releng, Security, and QA and keep them involved in the project
  • [MISSED] Kill major update pain points in 4Q
    • [DONE] Micro goal - have all update work items on a release train by end of 2011. Some of this spilled over to 2012 but I am going to declare success here.

Cross Product


  • [DONE] Socorro Q4 goals - features/bugs we would like to see implemented in Q4 to support the mandate of crashkill
  • [MISSED] Dashboard for managing crash landscape - incoming crash rate, fixes crash rate, per component breakdown and release to release comparison
    • Blocked on metrics work.
  • [DONE] Triage process for handling new crash bugs logged
    • Cleaned up subsets of bugs and have process for tracking incoming/outgoing. Top crashes and reproducible crashes.


  • [DONE] Work with engineering teams to identify and implement probes for top three Blizzard questions.
  • [MISSED] Improve adoption rate from current 2% on release and nightly.



  • Create standards of legitimacy for responsiveness tests - clear methodology and configuration for running tests.
    • [DONE] Startup path
    • [MISSED] Battery usage
    • [DONE] Page load
    • [DONE] Zooming
    • [DONE] Panning
  • [DONE] Create repeatable process for the above testing to benchmark.
  • [DROPPED] Video stream capture for mobile devices set-up in engineering to get benchmarks.
  • A project plan to retrofit automated test harnesses to be Java compliant.
    • [DONE] Skipped over project plan and got Robotium standing up

Java UI

  • [DONE] Project plan and schedule for development.
    • Not a formal MS project plan but informal wiki pages up to date with schedule and dates.


  • [MISSED] Detailed analysis of how we use bugzilla within engineering -
    • Did pretty well with this but goal is now end of Jan 2012.
  • [DROPPED] Weekly, high functioning meeting where project managers and product managers get together and track the status and issues around features, programs and bugs - "Directly Responsible Individual" (DRI) meeting.
    • We weren't quite ready for this and don't have enough PMs to do this yet.
  • [MISSED] Proposal for tracking triage of incoming bugs.

General Program Management

  • [MISSED] Develop initial template/tool for managing programs consistently
  • [DONE] Elaborate program management related material (wiki) and continue to educate engineering teams about pm