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Projects & Programs

  • PM Goals and projects should directly support highest engineering and product priorities.


Minimal Impact Update

  • [DEFER] Oversee all pieces of Silent Update through release
    • Windows security (UAC) landed in FF12, background updates will either land in 1Q or in the first week of 2Q
  • [DONE] Oversee Add-On compatibility through release

Web Apps Integration

  • [DROPPED] Organize regular meeting and cross-team check-in.
  • [DONE] Keep wiki pages/lists updated with status.
  • [DONE] Track engineering pieces for integration.

Windows Metro

  • [DEFER] Organize initial kickoff meeting.
  • [DEFER] Track early stage tasks and coordination in wiki and bugzilla.
  • [DEFER] Hire full time PM to oversee initiative.


  • [DONE] Plan and organize Games Summit in Toronto.
  • [DONE] Oversee Project X.
  • [DONE] Maintain and track list of platform changes that are discovered as a result of industry input and those needed to support Project X.
  • [DONE] Gather a list of external industry contacts and contributors to help advise development.


  • [DONE] Organize and run regular Snappy meetings.
  • [DONE] Track responsiveness initiatives targeted for Q1 through completion.
    • Asa has a list of 3 projects
    • Taras has another list of 4-5 projects

Rapid Response Projects

  • [DONE] Provide rotating PM point for ongoing projects.
  • [DONE] PM assignee for Search Hijacking project.
    • Actual project got pushed out.
  • [DROPPED] PM assignee for Blackhole project.


  • [AT RISK] Ship Fennec Native project by end of Q1
    • [DONE] Assemble and maintain a release checklist to track cross-functional activities throughout release (Sync, l10n, legal, privacy/security, amo)
    • Weekly status summaries
    • Organize and run the weekly mobile showcase.
  • [DONE] Plan for MWC
    • Capture MWC demo plan, schedule and HW requirements.
  • [DONE] Document clear Beta and Release shipping criteria for Native Fennec 1.0.
  • [DEFER] Initial plan for Native Fennec 12, 13 and 14

Cross Product


  • [DONE] Track Socorro Q1 goals - features/bugs we would like to see implemented in Q1 to support the mandate of crashkill and needs in engineering
  • [DEFER] Dashboard for managing crash landscape - showing incoming crash rate, fixes crash rate, per component breakdown, top crashes, reproducible crashes and release to release comparisons
  • [DONE] Triage and cleanup of crash sub lists
    • Reproducible crashes
    • Plugin crashes
  • [DONE] Clear list of quality criteria for stability program management and tracking


  • [DEFER] Improve adoption rate from current 2% on release and nightly.
  • [DONE] Enable Telemetry on mobile native UI
  • [DEFER] Improve Telemetry adoption on mobile
  • [DONE] Improve consumability of Telemetry front-end (dashboard)
    • Dashboard released publicly with improved short URL. Further work required in Q2.


  • Detailed analysis of how we use bugzilla within engineering -
    • [ON TRACK] Complete interviews and reports - all data published on the wiki.
    • [DEFER] Presentation summarizing the results
    • [DONE] Clear set of first recommendations to implement for better bug management
    • [DEFER] Identify 2 programs/projects to pilot recommendations


  • [DEFER] Hire 2 more program/project managers
  • [DONE] Drive mediawiki-bugzilla through to deployment

Stuff not included

  • List of projects that have requested PM help but are not on the list or staffed...
    • Browser ID
    • Taking a picture feature
    • Sync (help with integration/tracking in general)
    • Memshrink
    • New UI