Program Management/Firefox/2012-Q3-Goals

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Projects & Programs

  • PM Goals and projects should directly support highest engineering and product priorities.


Social API

  • Track landing of initial pieces of social api for Fx16.
  • Plan and roadmap for social api enhancements for Fx17 and Fx18.


  • [CARRY OVER] WebAudio implemented to prototype level by end of quarter, with goal to ship in 4th quarter.
  • [DONE] Regression tests for Games related performance for desktop and mobile
  • [DONE] More integration with Mobile teams
  • [DONE] Release BananaBread Project
  • [CARRY OVER] .net 2JS project launched and early experiments to show progress, planning work with potential partners complete
  • [DONE] Continue outreach to tool makers
  • [DONE] Develop relationship management strategy
  • [CARRY OVER] Create and maintain MozGame wiki


  • Communication plan for mobile releases going forward
  • Schedule for Firefox for Android roadmap for the rest of 2012 and 2013 based upon Product Requirements
  • Land on feature requirements, implementation plan, and schedule for Readability 2.0
  • Drive WebRT for Android progress
  • Assist with OEM conversations
  • Planning for mobile performance for games


  • Complete Milestone 5

Cross Product


  • Socorro roadmap for Q3 -
  • Implement 3 ideas/improvements from the stability work week
    • Crashkill mailing list
    • Newsletter
    • Document crash process steps for new devs
  • Support for B2G crashes in crashkill
  • Support for WebRT crashes in crashkill


Bugzilla Anthropology

  • [DONE] Set of dashboards for Basecamp and B2G
    • [DONE] All blockers
    • [DONE] Open/Close rates

Performance Measurement Automation

  • Roadmap for A-Team deliverables thru 2013 and early 2014
  • Clear priorities across projects (b2g, mobile <==> games)


  • Project charter and communication plan for Basecamp [DRAFT, REFINE ME]
  • Communication plan
  • Work Weeks - agenda and responsibility matrix
  • Dashboards - more standardized dashboards


  • Hire 1-2 additional program/project managers (platform & firefox)