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Projects & Programs

  • PM Goals and projects should directly support highest engineering and product priorities.


Social API

  • [DONE] Drive v1 of social api to completion with Fx17.
  • [MISSED] Oversee landing of phase 1 multi-provider support in Fx18.


  • [ON TRACK] Create performance plan


  • Drive WebAudio to land version 1 by end of quarter.
  • Gather examples for Regression tests for Games related performance for desktop and mobile.
  • Finish BananaBread Multiplayer by end of quarter for release early next year.
  • Work towards a proper documentation strategy for Games related information.
  • Maintain relationships with third parties while B2G is the focus.


Fx for Android Features

  • [ON TRACK] Drive Launch of Firefox Marketplace/Firefox for Android to completion on 10/18
  • [AT RISK] ARMv6 Go/No-Go
  • [ON TRACK] Android Project Messaging
  • [ON TRACK] Media Decoding
  • [ON TRACK] Readability v2.0: Ship fonts, testing effort for reflow-on-zoom
  • [ON TRACK] iOS Support scoping and estimation

Web compatibility

  • [MISSED] Complete documentation for testing and evangelism
  • [MISSED] Find community owner for testing and evangelism
  • [DONE] Complete analysis of site issues


  • [DONE] Support B2G with reports/dashboards

Cross Product


  • [DONE] Hand off stability tracking to Kairo and Marcia


  • Plan and track Telemetry Q4 plan with metrics
    • [DONE] Complete data validation
    • [DONE] Minor functional improvements for the Telemetry dashboards
    • [DONE] Performance improvements for the Telemetry dashboards
  • Improve adoption rate from current 2% on release and nightly.
    • [DONE] Finalize enabled-by-default plan on dev channels
    • [DONE] Land enabled-by-default on Aurora and Nightly channels
  • [ON TRACK] Work with UX on new Telemetry promotion for consumer channels
  • [DONE] Complete privacy requirement - embed about:telemetry in product

Bugzilla Anthropology

  • Release initial dashboards on previously difficult to answer questions
  • Work with engineering team to determine priorities
  • Work with metrics to get a public rest API available

Performance Measurement Automation

General Team Goals

  • [DONE] Framework for driving projects
  • [DONE] Hire 1-2 additional PMs
  • [DONE] Hiring plan for 2013