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  • Wiki Documentation: Clean up and update main FXOS wiki along with process onboarding information for succinct communication and transparency.
  • Overall FXOS Sprint Metrics:sprint metrics report on team velocity and throughput from 1.0.1 to 1.3+
  • Product roadmap & Velocity burndown:work on sprint estimation burndown for all fxos functional teams relative to product roadmap for future releases


  • JS: Increase visibility of JS team progress with a 12-month roadmap, monthly status reports for management, and a more informative JS home page on
  • e10s: Work with vlad/billm/dvander to create a Q4/Q1 roadmap, drive dependencies on other teams, and share monthly status reports.
  • WBGP (Tom's Hardware's Web Browser Grand Prix): Work with naveed/jandem to track and optimize WBGP benchmark performance.
  • Geolocation: Complete Legal and Privacy reviews so the project can announce itself and work with Mozillian and WiFi stumbling communities.
  • Developer Productivity: Gather productivity suggestions, create a prioritized list of actionable items, and contact teams that would implement the highest priority items.
  • Personal Development: No planned goal for Q4.


  • Ensure we're on the road to a performance-defensive environment for Firefox OS. (Need more detail here)
  • Do a "people" post, introducing the players and teams involved in FxOS performance.
  • All FxOS functional teams using team keywords and target milestones for identification of current work (shared with all other FxOS EPMs).
  • Finish MVP items for
  • Complete the contribution path metrics


  • Achieve M1 goals for Shumway, get it landed into Nightly (done), and get roadmap together for M2 (desktop, mobile, games); roll engineering status into weekly platform meeting
  • UX plan/build shared vision for Shumway
  • Evaluate needs for Mobile platform team (blassey) and come up with a gameplan/workflow
  • Start to help maire out with Web Audio
  • Start to publish weekly status via blog


  • Determine overall efficiency of the stability program (via bug 915438)
    • Have some "hand-crafted" data collection and graphs available as a prototype, on overall crash rates on release/beta over the last two years (desktop) or "the beginning of time" (for Android native).
    • Did some analysis on that data, it's mostly within expectations.
  • Establish short- and long-term goals and priorities for stability based on Stability Week results
    • Put long-term goals into CrashKill/Goals#2014 - short term should already have been taken care of by progress since then.
  • Make sure basic needs for B2G analysis are met in Socorro and partner processes follow our stability analysis requirements
    • After a number of investigations, found out that Socorro side requires bug 928051. Got this on the plans for the Web Engineering (Socorro) team.
  • Expand personal PM role and skills (strategic planning, communication)
    • Mostly learning on the job, also did some reading up on development methodologies.
  • Make FHR into an actual project, figure out its PM needs and next steps to take there
    • Gathered information on involved people and teams, ongoing projects and status.
    • Started to write up public info into a wiki page.
    • Took part in some meetings and conversations to drive projects forward, including one case to get a feature unstuck in process and landed into code (L10n of the Android front-end).


  • Increase visibility of mobile Web compat project
  • Increase non performance team participation in performance program (layout, network, b2g perf, etc.)
  • Wrap up Summit with debriefs and work with facilitators to publish next steps
  • Complete Q4 staff related activities (reviews, hiring, new reqs) for program management and mobile Web compat teams
  • Learn about story structure and how to tell an effective story (follow-up from Tribe session #3)


  • [DONE] Keep in sync with Firefox Desktop Goal - close Metro Profile Sharing and APZC issues on metro in anticipation of Q1 release.
  • [DONE] Make sure team has all project support necessary for releasing Metro on Firefox 28 Aurora on December 09.


  • Transition games related Project Management to Marco Mucci.
    • Ensure that game triage is adapted to the needs of shipped products.
    • Ensure that game benchmarking and bug progress reports are delivered weekly.
  • Transition game porting management to Bill Walker's team.
  • Deliver a plan for games team that ends at GDC 2014 (End of Q1 2014).
  • Ensure games documentation team is established and self driven.
  • Learn more about Shader Programming.
  • Define involvement in Game Center initiative and/or platform product management.


  • FxOS v1.3 Coverage
    • Feature tracking
    • Sprint Status
  • CRB Deliverables
    • Operating Principles
    • Technical Working Group R&R
    • Certification Working Group
    • Authorized Test Facilities


  • Hire and onboard 2 new program/project managers.
  • Improve visibility and PR for the Engineering Program/Project team activities.
  • Learn all about Webmaker.