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  • Publish and socialize process wiki documentation across teams
  • Initial tracking and data analysis for functional team sprint tracking (velocity tracking, actual vs planned etc) to increase visibility and predictability across teams and product roadmap.
  • Help functional teams to standardize on sprint tracking wikis and dashboards
  • Cross-functional team coordination for development related to MWC demos both for 1.3 and 1.4.


  • [DONE] JS: Help plan JS work week, 2014 roadmap, and present some options for agile planning
  • [DONE] e10s: Plan and drive e10s milestones to increase e10s testing with dogfooding and QA test day
  • [ON TRACK] Geolocation: Increase data collection (with Fennec and contracted game) and run desktop integration experiments. Work with Erin to share/transfer Geo project?
  • [ON TRACK] Shumway? Work with Erin share/transfer Shumway project?
  • [AT RISK] Developer Productivity: Publish two blog posts about current and proposed projects to improve developer productivity.
  • [AT RISK] WBGP: Integrate Tom's Hardware benchmarks into weekly benchmark reporting to drive JS/DOM optimization
  • Personal: TBD


  • [DONE] Help to create a successful presence for Where's my fox and Firefox for Android/Marketplace for MWC
  • [DONE] Assist in onboarding Jennifer for Firefox for Android help
  • [DONE] Converge Firefox Accounts Authenticated Sync for Fx29 Firefox for Android
  • [DONE] Continue to work towards M2 for Shumway <== passed on to cpeterson
  • [DONE] Ongoing support for WebRTC scoping and timelines <== passed on to Shell


  • [DONE] Launch desktop modified scrum process (with Marco)
  • [ON TRACK] Create Web compatibility 2014 goals and roadmap
  • [DONE] Reevaluate performance effort reporting
  • [DONE] Kick-off Manager Hacking 2014 program
  • [ON TRACK] Personal: Learn another language


  • [DONE] Land Firefox Metro on Beta 28 Release Channel.
  • [DONE] Implement Agile Based Production Model for Firefox Desktop Team.
  • [DONE] Deploy a Metro Post-V1 Release Plan Covering the 30C-29A-28B Release Channel.


  • Ensure delivery of game related demos for MWC and GDC.
  • Plan and execute GDC event.
  • Advise on Game Center and help with 3rd party conversation.
  • Start absorbing information related to platform efforts past games.


  • MWC 2014 February 24-28 Barcelona
    • Device/demo support
  • CRB
    • Ongoing meetings with QC
    • F2F meeting March 24-25 London
    • Certification Tests (what are they, who is developing, status, etc.)
  • Foxtrot
    • Planning & Kickoff


  • Fill 2 project manager reqs from 2013 (one filled already).
  • Backfill Dietrich on FirefoxOS.
  • Create a prioritized backlog of project work.