Program Management/Firefox/2015-Q1-Goals

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  1. 1 - Work with 3 Engineering Managers to setup an operational dashboard for monitoring work priorities.
  2. 2 - Develop a template/structure for a Platform Org Program Review to help communicate and track progress against our strategic plan.
  3. 3 - Regular status report for addressing Desktop video issues (?)

Chris Peterson

  1. 1 - Create an EME roadmap to track CDM partners.
  2. 2 - Reboot the Platform Engineering meeting: Craft a retrospective and set of recommendations to tune the weekly Platform Engineering meeting.
  3. 3 - Create a Shumway roadmap to reduce Flash's impact on user retention.

Shell Escalante

  1. 1 - Create and maintain a project management status page for the Hello Project.
  2. 2 - Create a roadmap in Ah-Ha for WebRTC.

Jenn Chaulk

  1. 1 - Create and maintain a planning board for organizing the iOS project work
  2. 2 - Create and publish a new weekly report for Firefox on Android

Erin Lancaster

  1. 1 - Curate all engineering, hardware, and training requirements; produce a subsequent timeline with regular status updates
  2. 2 - Produce a proposed go-to market plan and schedule for Win64

Marco Mucci

  1. 1 - Create and track a set of recommendations and process changes to enable the team to achieve, or exceed, an average completion rate of 75%.
  2. 2 - Tune the Desktop Agile Process presentation and present to a wider audience via a brown bag or roadshow of smaller presentations.