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Need details on staffing, timeline, and if anything is blocked.

Lessen the showing of the what's new page

  • Lawrence spoke with Ben Hearsum from releng. Currently rewriting server side, which will make it easier to control the what's new page, eta 4-6 months
  • releng should be able to help out in the short term with adequate notice (at least 2 weeks)
  • need to be clear on the requirements from product management
  • bug 459972, releng team has submitted the majority of the work

OS dialog for Mac

  • This is really about making the update less silent on Mac, this is a security bug

Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

  • Brian Bondy is working on this.
  • Initial version to review this week.
  • Bypasses UAC as required.
  • Still need to prompt in limited user account case. This is work to be completed.
  • Should be able to land in 2-3 weeks for FF10.

Add-ons Default to Compatible

  • No work for update team.
  • Chris will follow up.

Move most of update to pre-shutdown

  • Secondary item.
  • Mainly moving update to app shutdown as opposed to startup.
  • Brian suggests waiting until after the service part is done.
  • This will cross all platforms.
  • Need to deal with OS shutdown so that we don't end up in an inconsistent state.
  • Ehsan will investigate.
  • Feature page

New workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

  • Rob spoke with Asa about this. Need specification better defined.
  • Rob will work with UX to flush this out.
  • How often will we remind users?

Lessen the display of pre-shutdown app update UI

  • Need to firm up how much time we're going to wait.
  • Won't add additional value to update.xml in the first version.
  • Rob will speak with security and Limi to get a number of how long to wait to prompt.
  • Rob will speak with Tim about optimizing the display of the update dialog.
  • Feature page

Getting the word out

  • Get this into the public's view.
  • Rob will put together an overview of the silent update effort.
  • wiki page
  • blog posts - lmandel, YOUR NAME HERE