Program Management/Programs/Silent Update/2011-10-13

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Lessen the showing of the what's new page

Owner: Lawrence

  • We landed this change for 8. Great work.
  • Change allows to show or hide the what's new page.
  • Will show the what's new page for users moving up from 3.6 but not for users moving up from 7.

Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

Owner: Brian

  • Security review went well (review notes)
    • New ideas for test cases.
    • Open issues like how do we handle crash reports.
  • Don't know how to store certificates to do updates - need to find out if a registry or settings file will be acceptable
  • This feature needs to land on nightly.
  • Currently blocked by bug 663055 - need to wait for driver signing before we can land it, can land code but can't turn it on beforehand
    • Lawrence to follow-up with Chris Atlee
  • This change won't be visible by end users until release +1 as the service needs to be installed. This means if it ships in FF10, users won't see the results of this change until FF11.

Add-ons Default to Compatible

Owner: Chris

  • Met with Justin Scott and team yesterday.
  • Work prioritized. Earliest we'll start to see changes that can land is 3 weeks.

Apply update on shutdown

Owner: Ehsan

  • Two options being considered, review and comment in Implementation Strategies wiki page.
    • Asked bsmedberg and a couple of other people for feedback.
  • More than likely this will make FF11.
  • Should have a better idea of when this can be done by next week.
  • Think that this should improve the Linux and Mac experience quite a bit.

New workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob to work with Asa.

  • Need a meeting with UX to ensure that the experience is acceptable
  • Should we ignore the fact that they have incompatible add-ons?
  • Some UI would need to be included to allow users to override our override.

Lessen the display of app update UI

Owner: Rob

  • Landed change for display delay from 12 to 24 hours in FF8.
    • Delay is per session as when you exit your session you apply the update.
  • Remaining work
    • If there's a newer update we should cancel the older update and download the newer one, this affects nightly and aurora and is less important for release as the updates are every 6 weeks.

Getting the word out


  • Curtis raised a concern over the updates being too silent. We have the ability to inform users via the "know your rights" popup if we need to. We can investigate further if required.