Program Management/Programs/Silent Update/2011-10-20

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Lessen the showing of the what's new page

Owner: Lawrence

  • Page will not be shown in 8, may be shown in 9.

Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

Owner: Brian

  • Blocked by bug 663055, which will be ready around end of Nov, definitely in 4Q
  • catlee proposed alternative solution to get us running in 1-2 weeks
  • Patches ready for review
    • Rob will work on reviews next week

Add-ons Default to Compatible

Owner: Chris

  • Earliest expecting change ready Week of Nov. 7.

Apply update on shutdown

Owner: Ehsan

New workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob to work with Asa.

Lessen the display of app update UI

Owner: Rob
Note: The remaining work is low priority

  • The main item to complete the feature work is complete. The rest of the work for this feature will be considered as regular bugs. The feature is to be resolved as complete.

Getting the word out


  • Update testing day schedule for Fri. Oct. 28, 2011