Program Management/Programs/Silent Update/2011-11-03

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Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

Owner: Brian

  • task is done, lots of testing going on
  • MAR file signing is biggest blocker at this point, need to figure out what to do with releng
  • security OK with landing change on nightly without MAR signing but not Aurora
  • may not be able to land the service on Aurora until the end of Nov.

Add-ons Default to Compatible

Owner: Blair

  • Update from Blair is that the work to change to default to compatible is on schedule for 10

Apply update on shutdown

Owner: Ehsan

  • Ready for testing
  • (Nearly) Ready for review
  • Working on automated test issues

New workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob to work with Asa.

  • Chris is going to follow up with Limi
  • Suggested change is to rename the "Cancel" button to "Not now"
  • Need to talk about override and update for old users

Getting the word out

  • Ehsan has a blog post that is ready for review. He will post once he's ready for testing help.