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Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

Owner: Brian

  • Landing on Aurora blocked by MAR file signing
  • Once patches are all r+ Brian will combine them in 1 patch for a security review
  • Don't yet have security approval for MAR file signing method
  • releng needs to time to implement changes before landing
  • Brian will send details about MAR file signing to Chris Atlee
  • updater.exe will still be signed for the short term

Add-ons Default to Compatible

Owner: Blair (client), Wil (AMO)

  • 3 client bugs required to complete this feature in Firefox 10
    • bug 695977 Addons shouldn't be compatible by default when their minVersion is greater than the app version
    • bug 700201 Addons that haven't been updated for an extremely long time should not be compatible by default
    • bug 698653 Flip extensions.strictCompatibility pref in Firefox to make addons compatible-by-default
      • Can be enabled once the other two bugs are complete
  • 2 AMO bugs required to complete this feature in Firefox 10
    • bug 698355 Add compatMode parameter to VersionCheck.php to allow updating to non-compatible addon versions
    • bug 698358 Add support for new strictCompatibility option in install.rdf

Background updates

Owner: Ehsan

  • Implementation complete
  • Got ui-review on the About dialog changes
  • Removed the first UAC prompt so this is technically not blocked on Brian's work any more
  • Got in touch with QA
  • Blog post going out tomorrow
  • Working on writing more automated tests
  • Ehsan suggested that the hotfix add-on bug 694068 can be used to disable this feature in case of some catastrophic failure. The hotfix add-on has not yet landed in 10.
  • Renamed this feature from "Apply update on shutdown" to "Background updates" to more accurately represent the work. Please use this new term when referring to this feature.

New workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob, Chris

  • Chris will follow up with Alex Limi this week about the new button.

Getting the word out

  • Ehsan's blog post will be published tomorrow (Friday) and republished by the future of firefox on Monday.


  • Thank you to Rob for quickly jumping in to verify bug 657472 so that Firefox 8 could ship on time!